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Trick or Something

One regret of my 17 years living in two condos was Halloween. Any kid with a brain knows condos are mostly filled with grumpy old people with no children, and it’s just a waste of time to knock on doors … Continue reading

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Biden didn’t know he was in Florida?

This is why I dislike and don’t trust the “right wing echo machine”. The story bouncing around Drudge, Hot Air, TheBlaze, etc… is Joe Biden getting confused again about what state he is in – referring to the Cleveland Plain … Continue reading

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Who is Shashank Tripathi? Up until today, he was the campaign director for Chris Wight, who is running as a Republican for the US House. He is running for the 12th District, which includes the east half of most of Manhattan. “After arriving … Continue reading

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Oh God no!

WRKO just announced that it has hired the only honest man in DC – the one who says on his web site that he does consulting work for the Republican Party, yet claims he is no shill for the Republican … Continue reading

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Starving Old People

KDKA AM in Pittsburgh has had a government is your daddy government employee on for the last two days extolling the role of government in dealing with disasters. Near the end, she was laying the foundation for claiming disability due … Continue reading

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Could Sandy release the plague of the Asian Carp?

Your government has been busy spending money to keep the Asian Carp out of the Great lakes. If you don’t know why that matters, just search YouTube. The Asian Carp were originally let free into the Mississippi River when … Continue reading

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Oops, we lost your voter registration!

August 29th, I became an Illinoiser, transferring my driver’s license and vehicle registration at the North Chicago office of the Secretary of State. Near the end of the process, I foolishly accepted the offer to automatically be registered to vote … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy

Based on the track, KYW-AM in Philadelphia will probably be the all news radio station most in the center of the storm, but this storm is going to cause widespread power outages and flooding probably from Buffalo to Boston. Based … Continue reading

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Savage back to #4

For the past 24 hours, Savage was #4 of streaming attempts, which is basically where he was before leaving TRN. #4 is about half of #3 (Laura Ingraham) Probably more non Cumulus stations will add him next Monday. Radio Stations … Continue reading

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John Galt is dead The total domestic gross for Atlas Shrugged, Part II is under $3 million after 10 days. Having seen part I, I was surprised they tried to make part two. Last weekend, the movie was in a little under 1,000 … Continue reading

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