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Creflo Dollar update

Back in June, I wrote about this Atlanta area Megachurch There was a shooting today. A man walked into the church, shot the volunteer leading a service six times, turned around and left without hurting anyone else. Police are … Continue reading

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Radio One selling The Joker

No, not Al Sharpton. Radio One, the radio network targeted to people who live their lives inside the Black World, is selling WJKR-FM in Columbus Ohio to Salem Radio. Perhaps with a more diverse audience, Salem can find a way … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

From the totally random department

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If a raped woman gets pregnant, it was God’s will

Riddle me this… If it is true that when a woman gets pregnant through being raped it is God’s will doesn’t it also follow that when Planned Parenthood performs an abortion, that is also God’s will. Either you believe … Continue reading

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Michael Savage reborn, day 1

Michael “Savage” Weiner has launched on the Cumulus Media Network, having been granted his freedom from Talk Radio Neteork. What did you think of the New Savage? I had a problem to solve for work and that took priority – … Continue reading

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Michael Savage mailing list

Michael Savage is no Glenn Beck. When the Savage news broke, I signed up for his newsletter, on the theory that when he made his industry shaking announcement, his newsletter would have details, and as we get closer to the … Continue reading

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Radio Pop Quiz

Without looking it up, can you identify what all of these people have in common? Erik Kuselias Amani Toomer Dan Schwartzman

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The Radio Quickening is here

This just in – Dan Patrick told his audience on Tuesday he is finished with Fox Sports. That little news tidbit was only found on two tiny blog sites and a visitor here who let me know – and one … Continue reading

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Merlin Media dumps WXRP-FM (101.9) in New York

A bit over a year ago, one time Clear Channel CEO Randy Michaels talked Emmis Radio and a group of Chicago investors to take on CBS in 24 hr/day all news stations in New York and Chicago. He failed. FCC … Continue reading

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President Obama creates Jobs on Long Island

Enjoy the politicians patting themselves on the back for building a new facility for washing the Long Island Railroad’s cars – built with solar panels on the roof and a runoff control system, and plants to buffer the noise that … Continue reading

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