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Looking forward to ’13

The Mayan Calendar and Harold Camping failed to end the world, so we’ll have to deal with 2013 after all. January 2nd is a huge day for radio – CBS Sports Radio begins a new 24 hr/day sports talk network … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping “crowds”

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Christmas Past

The Holiday Tree at the former Marshall Fields on State Street in Downtown Chicago

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Mitt Romney didn’t want to be President

I’m shocked, I tell you. “He [Mitt Romney] wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to . . . run,” said Tagg [Romney] Take it with a grain of salt … Continue reading

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The ball drops on WOR-AM in New York

Everyone knew it was coming, just not when and a few details. Clear Channel is buying WOR-AM – Clear Channel is maxed on how many FM stations they can own in New York, but are still allowed to own an … Continue reading

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Spinning the audience

TRN has found a replacement for Laura Ingraham – Andrea Tantaros. Not owning a TV, I can’t tell you a thing about her – here is the Wikipefia link She’s 34, works on Fox News and Fox Business. Her … Continue reading

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-37.9% – the future

That’s the decline of traffic to this web site over the past month. Some of that is just normal for December and the election always creates a temporary spike…. Maybe I upset Google, or maybe there is another explanation.

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The end of Wall Street

Wall Street is moving to Atlanta. The NYSE has sold itself to the global Energy and Risk Management – the Inter Continental Exchange (ICE)- the folks who brought you Credit Default Swaps (traded in London) and Global Warming CO2 futures … Continue reading

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Maybe Iran should get the bomb

That’s the provocative idea being put forth by Foreign Affairs: Article Foreign Affairs Magazine is the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations. They announced today their content will now be available for a low $14.95 annual subscription fee. My … Continue reading

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Goodbye Arbitron

Nielson (the TV folks) are buying Arbitron. Several of the major radio groups refuse to buy their ratings service (Cumulus for one) and the PPM device has exposed what advertisers suspected all along about the lack of accuracy of the … Continue reading

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