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Increase in visitors for progressive talk

I noticed an uptick in the number of people listening to Progressive talk shows this week and was wondering why. This morning I got the answer – two more Progressive Talk stations just went under – WGUV in Atlanta (they … Continue reading

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It isn’t just me

A few weeks ago, I was wondering if the decline in activity here was just holiday related or something else is going on. WABC-AM hit a 2.2 share in Arbitron, the lowest since they flipped from music in the 1970s. … Continue reading

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What does “Local” mean and does it matter any more?

While doing my testing thing the other night, I was listening to WBT-AM in Charlotte, NC, a city I lived in for about 4 years, and lived near for about 10. WBT used to be owned by Jefferson-Pilot, an insurance … Continue reading

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Keeping track of the past

I just added a new feature, that about 3 people will find interesting, and he rest will go “huh?” Let’s say you know that Dr Laura Schlessinger used to have a radio show, and left a year ago to move … Continue reading

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The future of radio?

Nicole Sandler had a brief stint on Air America as it was imploding. She now “works” doing an internet only video stream. She has 363 followers on Twitter! Tune in and take a peek at Nicole’s middle aged sagging … Continue reading

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Why would an old man shoot and kill his urologist in the torso? Back in the good old days, one of Dr Dean Edell’s recurring topics was over treatment of prostate cancer. The inventor of the PSA test is on a campaign to get doctors to stop using the PSA test as … Continue reading

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Trouble ahead for Warren Ballentine

You’re forgiven if you don’t know who he is. He’s a talk show host on the racially segregated Radio One network, along with Al Sharpton. The Obama/Holder Department of Justice has charged him with involvement in a scheme to create … Continue reading

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WBEZ: Go Make Babies

Maybe someone reads my blog post about the end game of Americans not having enough children – Chicago’s NPR affiliate WBEZ-FM is launching a $400,000 campaign encouraging its shrinking listener base to Go Make Babies ( I have to … Continue reading

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Independence USA

Russia Today reports that Glenn Beck would like to create a city based on Ayn Rand’s ideas. People may have forgotten that Walt Disney originally intended that EPCOT was going to be a real city created from the mind of … Continue reading

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1 Gb / sec to the home So how’s that for shaking things up? Combine that with the FCC trying to free up 200 MHz of spectrum for WIFi and the world is about to change again

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