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Little Debbie wants Drakes

In the ongoing posts about snack foods and their battle with Michelle Obama, Little Debbie is the leader out of the gate to buy Drakes, one of the many brands controlled by Hostess. Drakes has very little brand power. The … Continue reading

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Speaks for itself

Dick Armey left Freedonworks, the establishment group pretending the Tea Party was them. He grumbled that the money spent on Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh radio shows were not effective in raising money. Who did he tell this to? Media … Continue reading

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Obama should resign because Beyonce lip synced!

haha Yolanda Adams’ retraction Saw this while looking for dead programs – someone read the New Yorker and didn’t realize it was satire. That being said, I guarantee you callers into so-called “black radio” shows will continue to cite this … Continue reading

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Dead Program Cleanup

The other day, I was looking at the show list that appears on the right side of the “What’s on now page” – more there for Google’s use than for visitors, although I’m sure the curious find it interesting. I’m … Continue reading

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Heritage Foundation: NAFTA was Ronald Reagan’s dream For the large group of you who voted that to be a True Conservative you had to be a Ronald Reagan supporter and be opposed to NAFTA, it’s time to rethink your ideas… Unless you think the Heritage Foundation … Continue reading

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I know one when I hear one

Is there anything a person has to do beyond saying “I’m a Conservative!” to convince you that they really are one? I’ve created a series of polls to see if we can agree what a conservative is nd which hosts … Continue reading

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Here’s yer ding-dong

If you do your own grocery shopping and you didn’t know it before now, Hostess Brands (formerly known as Interstate Bakeries, Interstate Brands) rented most of the retail space in your local grocery store, squeezing out most local competitors (the … Continue reading

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Why I removed Conservative Talk from the directory

Got your attention? Maybe a year ago, I split apart “Conservative Talk” stations – stations with 12+ hours a day of syndicated conservative talk stations from those with more varied talk programming. With all of the changes in syndication, this … Continue reading

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Looking for a job working for iHeartRadio?

Buried inside the html code for launching the iHeartPlayer 🙂 |)) |)) . | )) / )) .oooooooo. .ooooooooo. \\ ^ ^ | / )) -sddddddddddy:::hdddddmmmmmy- \\((( ))) | / )) -ddddddhhhhhh ddddddmmmmmd- / G ))) | / )) sddddhhhhhhhhhhhddddddddmmmmmms … Continue reading

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So Siri…

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