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Riddle me this

Secretary of State John F’ing Kerry, who fought in the Vietnam war, is wanting to provide $60 million in assistance to the Syrian “opposition”. On February 21st, the Syrian “opposition” exploded a car bomb in Damascus on a busy public … Continue reading

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No Joke

WXKS-AM in Boston is the former Mexican Accordion music station owner by Clear Channel. They tried to move Rush Limbaugh to the station, which failed miserably. For the past few months they’ve been running 24 hr/day “comedy”, which is hard … Continue reading

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WBAI-AM may be down for the count

WBAI is the New York City outlet of Pacifica Radio, a far left political movement founded by pacifists following World War Two. Their stations have become a magnet for every fringe group that hates the United States. The last few … Continue reading

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TRN and Dial Global part ways

Talk Radio Networks is run by the son of Roy Masters, the somewhat unconventional man who shows up on radio late at night giving his rather unconventional explanations about human behavior. He runs the Foundation for Human Understanding, which seems … Continue reading

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FCC looking to relax foreign ownership rules

Today, in theory, a radio or TV station can have no more than 20% of it owned by non citizens and a radio holding company can be no more than 25% owned by foreigners. In no case can a foreign … Continue reading

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Spencer Hughes says “Adios”

I predicted that if Fox talk radio was actually dropped by SiriusXM, its viability was unlikely – the network has very few terrestrial affiliates and to some degree irritates them by constantly reminding people the shows are on satellite. Alan … Continue reading

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Another so-called “black radio” station pulls the plug WMCS in Milwaukee won’t be carrying Al Sharpton (and indicted attorney Warren Ballentine) any more. The station is currently stunting with Elvis music. The station owner says the station has been losing money for years. Just as the prices … Continue reading

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Turning Mecca into Disneyland

Islam is big business. Mecca is the holy city were every Muslim is required to make a pilgrimage during their life. The city is part of the country today called Saudi Arabia. Prior to the discoery of oil, the pilgrims … Continue reading

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Food Hubs – the future of food distribution

Corporations making profits are just so inefficient USDA on Food Hubs

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President Obama has more flexibility now

To those who voted for Barack Obama thinking he meant anything when he talked about protecting so-called “American Jobs”, just installed Secretary of State John Kerry is over in Germany to arrange for a US – EU free trade pact … Continue reading

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