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Swapping Wives

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Rush is back on the left’s radar again for commenting again on women. I guess he made some comment about the current episode of this “Wife Swap” TV show that has been on ABC since 2004. I haven’t watchEd TV since 1996, so I have a huge blind spot here.

In the unlikely event you’re the last person in the world to find out, the premise of the reality show is that two women trade families for two weeks. They don’t know ahead of time where they will be going. When they arrive, they get a list of rules for the house that they have to follow for a few days. Then they get to change the house to their rules and the real fun starts. After the two families adapt and the two weeks are over, the two couples sit around a table and discuss what they learned.

The show in question involved one couple being tea party Christians and the other being the opposite. The tea party folks were so totally disgusted that they refused to do the final “what we learned” segment.

So to the detriment of my sleep, I poked around and discovered that ABC has an iPad app that lets you watch entire episodes for free. I fired it up and saw this current show listed, but was more intrigued by the prior week’s episode.

The episode clip said one woman was a Las Vegas party girl with a six year old son and a live in gay male housekeeper raising her son. Her husband is a nerdy guy who doesn’t care that his wife goes out bar hopping every night with her “gay” housekeeper. He provides the money and she parties without him. She has extremely large breasts and dresses extremely tacky – she’s a whore and doesn’t want you to not notice.

The other couple lives in Michigan on a farm “off the grid”. 6 children, no electricity, deeply religious and living off the land (the future America). They used to live in a large nice house, but gave that up to be closer to God.

So I get it – it’s a setup to make fun of the Christians and make them look like right wing nut jobs not living in the real world.

Despite their best efforts, it turned out exactly the opposite.

Mrs Vegas Slut realizes she is headed to a farm – she’s dressed with her boobs hanging out and high heels. She walks in and sees no lights, no refrigerator, a wood burning stove. She needs to make dinner, which is over in the chicken coop. She needs to cut its head off and then milk the goats. You get the picture. The kids have their chores to do to get ready for dinner. We all sit down at the table, thank God and eat together as a family. She wants to discuss if the children know she has a gay male friend that lives with her. The kids understand the “G” word, but she has zero chance the kids are going to approve.

Mrs Mom Farmer arrives in Vegas and sizes things up and quickly has a plan. The son is out of control. Mom runs the house and never says No. The child desperately wants rules and structure. His “mom” is a gay man and his “father” is a party girl, and that other man stares at his computer and is not Dad. (maybe even literally). So she plays by the rules – goes to a bar, refuses to drink. Goes to a sushi restaurant with a female friend and refuses to drink saki. She does relent and goes to a spa and enjoys that – but otherwise sticks to her principles.

Now the rules change. Mrs Farmer tells the Nerdy Vegas Dad he has to stop his son from talking back and having tantrums. Dad resists at first. Dinner is not going to be people throwing something in the microwave as they pass each other in the kitchen. They’re going to sit down together as a family (how quaint). The son starts responding, dad takes his head out of the computer and starts liking being a man and Dad to his son. The gay housekeeper is not happy with the change. She fires him, but quickly realizes that is the setup and backs away. He doesn’t have to leave but he also isn’t going to be doing much. They visit a petting farm and the son acts up, but ultimately dad makes him apologize to the woman running the place. The kid “gets it”. Boundaries are how parents express love. He now is well behaved and Dad also gets it. Mrs Farmer is a great teacher.

Back at the farm, Mrs Slut tries to becone Dad and turn Mr Farmer into her gay housekeeper. The kids have no chores and stop being his slaves. She goes with the kids on a shopping spree buying them whatever they want. The youngest is the most pliable, but Mrs Slut has an aha! Moment – that buying stuff for your kids isn’t what love is about – it is spending time together, teaching your children, looking out for each other and having structure and expectations. It hits her like a ton of bricks how empty her life as a Vegas party girl is and what being a mother is really about. Dad sucks it up and is doing all the chores himself, but not yielding to her demands. The kids tune out playing video games.

The best “shot” the producers get is Mrs Slut saying “has anyone ever called you a bigot”? Mr farmer answers “Nope” and you know he’s thinking “so you think I actually care what you think of me?”.

So they have the final back and forth sniping at each other and go home. The farmers toss out the microwave, the kids get to play video games 10 minutes a day and Mom is going to take 20 minutes a day of alone time. That’s the extent of their change.

The change in Vegas is not discussed beyond the detail that the gay housekeeper left six weeks later.

So that taught me that Christians have nothing to fear if they’re living by their beliefs. Despite ABC’s best attempt, they didn’t make the Christians look foolish and didn’t make the slut look virtuous. I suspect the staff learned quite a lot along the way.

The Wit of Reason

Sunday, March 31st, 2013 is the web site of the Libertarian Reason magazine. The comments section – unlike any other web site I can think of – are so much fun to read

Is typical – it’s a story about Walmart toying with the idea of doing same day home deliveries by having other Walmart customers deliver the items to you. That story itself is interesting, but not the point.

The people there don’t (generally) attack each other – the 8 year olds who troll Internet message boards seem not interested. Message threads are full of irony, wit, sarcasm, obscure but relevant references and humor. Often times they’re making back references to stories from a few days ago – something I do a lot to reward the regular readers and confuse the fly by readers. You may have noticed I don’t allow Google to index this blog or provide an RSS feed. I got fed up with people monitoring google, seeing I use a phrase like “left handed octopus sunglasses”, show up knowing nothing about me or the web site, and dive bomb an insult like “man, you’re an idiot – an octopus can’t wear those underwater!!!!”, then vanish.

It may not be your cup of No Tea, but I find it interesting.

A new face on TRN

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Remember Louie Anderson – the whining fat comic you used to see on Johnny Carson?

He has a new show on Talk Radio Network that I just spotted.

It may be a little hard to find – it airs on Saturdays at 7 AM Eastern. The show is refed at 5 PM ET on Sunday.

Move over Rush Limbaugh!

Show me the money

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Obamabucks are headed to Chicago…

The city is borrowing $100 million to build a 6 block long park along the sewer known as the Chicago River.

The River originally collected sewage and storm runoff and dumped it into Lake Michigan. Since the lake was also the city’s water source, it was realized at some point this was not a clever idea. About 100 years ago, the Federal government came up with a plan to lower the river and instead divert the sewage and industrial pollution southward and ultimately into the Mississippi River. Another fairly recent project is trying to deal with overflowing during storms in the broader Chucago area.

The Chicago River is the North and West boundary of the Loop and Lake Michigan to the East. The Sothern Boundary is less defined, but generally around Roosevelt.

So the Obama folks are agreeing to a $100 million loan + interest to build a 6 block park – the 35 year loan will be paid back by a tax paid by the two companies that currently run boat tours to tourists. When you ride those boats, you go down steps from Michigan Avenue to the same general area where the park will be.

In this video, the general area around 15:00 in – they’re approaching the lake street “el” bridge, and they turn around. Lower Wacker Drive is on the right and the area is not park-like as much of the early footage was – the park site continues on the right side for most of the rest of the video.

The magic here is that 35 years from now when the city defaults, nobody involved will be alive to blame, and the people who stuff 90% of the money into their pockets will be long gone.

Reality Check

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

The “poor” in the United States are in the top 1% of the world

Damn, here comes that train again

Creating a 15 kV trifurcating transition splice

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

I feel so inadequate now

GE – we bring crappy light bulbs to life

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

I’ve never had light bulbs that burn out so fast – I wonder why?



Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

I woke up this morning to four seemingly unrelated news stories

– North Korea has turned off their phone to South Korea to prevent war
– China has launched a “flotilla” of ships to occupy the South China Sea
– Verizon has announced it is pulling the plug on new ISDN service. Unless you’re in radio, you probably don’t know what that is. In the early 1990s, an attempt was made to convert the US phone system to be digital on the last mile – apartments and new houses were wired with 8 phone wires going to every room. With ISDN, you have very good audio, including high frequency response. Dialing is immediate. The people doing their shows from a home studio are using ISDN – that’s how they can do fillins on a moment’s notice. Other than radio, ISDN never caught on, and DSL largely did away with the need for it. ISDN is the phone standard in Europe and most if the world. Now cell phones are largely replacing wired phones.

I guess the thinking is that with the Internet becoming so reliable, there is no need for a dedicated phone network any more.

Which brings us to the 4th story. I first heard about cyberbunker a few years ago

It may be hard to reach and you may not want to visit that web site. CyberBunker is located in an old Cold War era NATO command center. It’s impenetrable, has its own power generation capability. They will allow anything to be run from their computer center (except kiddy porn or terrorism).

Needless to say, they are a favorite with organized crime gangs in Eastern Europe. They also are popular with folks sending you unsolicited email (aka spam)

Government authorities have tried in the past to breach the defenses to do things like try to seize servers involved in violating copyrights.

At the moment, Cyberbunker is involved in the largest attempt ever to take down the Internet. They are in a war with Spamhaus, a group that works with ISPs to identify and block the sources of all those wonderful offers in your inbox for $5 rolexes and magical blue pills.

The ferocity of the attacks is spewing 300 Gb of data traffic at its targets (Gb = Billions of bits)

The Internet was designed with the goal to survive nuclear war. As we become more and more dependent on it, will it survive an all out attack? We’re pretty much putting all of our eggs in one basket.

American Girl

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Speaking of being out of touch…

I looked at the restaurant list in Water Tower Place in Chicago – if you’re not familiar with it, Water Tower place is a vertical shopping mall in the center of the Miracle Mile on North Michigan Avenue. It’s probably worth mentioning that a significant portion of the tourists are Asians, since they still have real money.

Welcome to “American Girl”. It’s the strangest concept I’ve ever seen.

Presumably before you arrive, you have purchased your authentic American Girl Doll for $110 For your daughter along with a few hundred $$$ worth of doll outfits, along with matching outfits for your daughter. Her doll is in for quite a treat – getting its hair styled, trying on new outfits, having its picture put on an issue of American Girl magazine, watching its “mom” eat a tic tac toe pizza and drinking a glass of pink lemonade, and appearing on the exclusive Celebration Screen.

For lunch, that’s $22 per person plus tax and gratuity.

So what do you think this means?

Don’t bring a 150 ft rope to a 140 ft arch

Monday, March 25th, 2013

It would be interesting to know how many deaths and serious injuries have been inspired by seeing or wanting to create a YouTube video.