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Swapping Wives

Rush is back on the left’s radar again for commenting again on women. I guess he made some comment about the current episode of this “Wife Swap” TV show that has been on ABC since 2004. I haven’t watchEd TV … Continue reading

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The Wit of Reason is the web site of the Libertarian Reason magazine. The comments section – unlike any other web site I can think of – are so much fun to read Is typical – it’s a story about Walmart toying … Continue reading

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A new face on TRN

Remember Louie Anderson – the whining fat comic you used to see on Johnny Carson? He has a new show on Talk Radio Network that I just spotted. It may be a little hard to find – it airs on … Continue reading

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Show me the money

Obamabucks are headed to Chicago… The city is borrowing $100 million to build a 6 block long park along the sewer known as the Chicago River. The River originally collected sewage and storm runoff and dumped it into Lake Michigan. … Continue reading

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Reality Check

The “poor” in the United States are in the top 1% of the world Damn, here comes that train again

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Creating a 15 kV trifurcating transition splice

I feel so inadequate now

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GE – we bring crappy light bulbs to life

I’ve never had light bulbs that burn out so fast – I wonder why?

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I woke up this morning to four seemingly unrelated news stories – North Korea has turned off their phone to South Korea to prevent war – China has launched a “flotilla” of ships to occupy the South China Sea – … Continue reading

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American Girl

Speaking of being out of touch… I looked at the restaurant list in Water Tower Place in Chicago – if you’re not familiar with it, Water Tower place is a vertical shopping mall in the center of the Miracle Mile … Continue reading

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Don’t bring a 150 ft rope to a 140 ft arch It would be interesting to know how many deaths and serious injuries have been inspired by seeing or wanting to create a YouTube video.

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