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Toledo Gang Wars

I was listening to WSPD-AM to get a see what they did to replace the WSJ Daily Wrap and bumped into a morning show replay – the topic was the Toledo Blade publishing this interactive map of which gangs control … Continue reading

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Global food insecurity

Now that the USDA has solved the problem of giving out free food using Farmer’s markets, they are moving on to bigger things “Following the commitment of the L’Aquila Summit, in 2012 leaders of the G-8 engaged with African partners … Continue reading

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Yesterday was good walking weather. Probably half the reason I made this move was to be in a neighborhood with sidewalks so I can rebuild my strength and recharge my Vitamin D. If I go to a park by myself … Continue reading

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Free TV

It probably won’t shock you this is on a US highway in Chicago

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You can’t use food stamps at the local farmer’s market? No problemo

You visit your local farmer’s market trying to solve your fear of healthy food insecurity, and those greedy insensitive white farmers just stare at you when you try to hand them your EBT card, as you try to exercise your … Continue reading

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And people say Microsoft ignored security…

Newer iOS devices come with a little friendly helper called Siri Siri does many things to help you during the day. When I drove from Connecticut to Chicago, I learned Siri will not do even the most basic tasks without … Continue reading

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Double standard

Want to kill your viable fetus at 8 months? No problem. Object when a nurse injects your 5 month old with antibiotics for a viral infection. That’s a problem.

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Who is crazy now?

Forbes story Alex Jones is talking about DHS buying up 1.6 billion bullets, many of which are hollow point, which are outlawed for military use by international treaty. So you might be saying “Alex Jones? Pffft… Rachel Maddow told me … Continue reading

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” I don’t think the violence is going to stop no time soon”

What a negative person. Crime is down 69% and still unhappy. I wonder how much city taxes Mr Blair paid last year…

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Maybe Mexicans don’t like sports so much after all

A few months ago, WGST-AM in Atlanta dropped its Conservatie talk format after Rush Limbaugh destroyed talk radio by calling someone a “Slut”. The station switched to ESPN Deportes, the Spanish language Version of ESPN. The highest ratings it got … Continue reading

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