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Gigafy your future Centered around the 60 ghz frequency range is about 6000 MHz of completely unused, unlicensed spectrum. It is about to change your life. This spectrum (100 times faster than the best wifi) is available because it is totally useless. … Continue reading

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The Daily Wrap has wrapped

Back in January, Dial Global gave affiliates the 90 day warning that it was dropping the Wall Street Journal Daily Wrap with Michael Castner? It’s gone. Nobody cares.

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Assuming facts not in evidence

Mark Levin is an attorney (I am not – I know law from watching Perry Mason) One very important rule about questioning people in a trial is to not embed a “fact” in a question if you haven’t already introduced … Continue reading

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Don’t test me, bro

Yeah, that’s the solution to Chicago’s problems It feels like community organizing season in the Windy City

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David Petraeus accepts teaching job at CUNY

David Petraeus (pronounced bee-tray-us) – former military commander in Afghanistan and Iraq, and briefly CIA director has accepted a job teaching public policy at City University of New York (CUNY) In its heyday, CUNY was the epicenter of socialism. There … Continue reading

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Wednesday is Food Insecurity Day in Chicago

500 workers are going to strike against fast food restaurants today in Chicago Joining in the walkout will be workers from Victoria’s Secret Am I going crazy or is it the world?

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Playing the spoons and Kangaroos

Playing the cups is kind of a variation on playing the spoons Add in Kangaroos and you really have something!

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Six girls, two cups

Gangnam is so yesterday

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Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act of 1969

Tom Taylor pointed to this in his newsletter today. First a preface, since many people view public policy questions through the “how will this affect me?” Prism as opposed to “what effect will this have on society as a whole?”. … Continue reading

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Drone this

This is pretty amazing. Each one of this guy’s videos get better This is taken with a remote control quadcopter that is transmitting images in real time so the pilot can steer it wherever he wants. The battery lasts around … Continue reading

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