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Gun rights for non-citizens

While cruising comments in other places, someone asked “How were they able to own guns???” My follow up was partly a red herring, unfortunately I had a fact wrong, but the point is just as valid The older brother was … Continue reading

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Pay to watch PLUS bonus advertisements!

ad Age Paying for a TheBlaze subscription and getting ads for too! Now that’s hot!

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Glenn Beck threatens the US Government

That Saudi student who was the first person of interest… Glenn knows he is and why he is a really really really bad person. Glenn has given the government until Monday to disclose what they know or Glenn is going … Continue reading

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The rain in Des Plaines falls mainly in Spain

This is a tributary of the Des Plaines river that runs through our office complex What the stream normally looks like

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Breaking news in Boston

An hour ago, these were unconnected, but appear to now to related… – An MIT policeman was shot and killed – a car was carjacked and police took chase to Watertown – a gun battle erupted with police – the … Continue reading

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Washington Times: “Senate shoots down background checks for guns, angers Obama”

Seriously? What would motivate a “conservative” newspaper to choose the word “shoots” in that headline?

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Des Plaines flood warning

I live maybe three blocks from the Des Plaines river on the ground floor. I wondered if this building has potential flood issues. I guess I get to find out now.

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The Alex Jones Theory

Michael Savage refered to it without naming names So who would be more trusted than Navy Seals? Or maybe private contractors hired by DHS from blackwater? It makes a nice theory, but Jones doesn’t always check things thoroughly, particularly … Continue reading

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Le Show is le pissed

There is a pretty good chance readers don’t know or care about this… Harry Shearer is a comedian and writer who has had a weekend show on NPR for the past 30 years. It is created at KCRW in … Continue reading

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Senator Chambliss (GA-R) shows the future

“This particular incident is going to cause the administration and Congress to evaluate our overall security programs around the country, particularly for major events. We can’t leave it just to the communities that host these events to provide the security.” … Continue reading

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