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Beware Misleading download advertisements

Friday, May 31st, 2013

This is more directed at radio stations than it is at visitors, but be alert this is going on.

Stations that use graphics ads from AdSense are going to be targeted with highly misleading advertisements


This happens to be for radio station KCHQ in Wyoming – I’m not singling them out, it just happens to be the most recent example.

This station does not stream its content, at least I don’t think so. The “Play Now” thing at the top has nothing to do with radio or this station – in small print it warns you this is a paid ad for which is going to install a thing called mplayer – mplayer is a freeware media player – that’s not really the bad part – it bundles up a bunch of spyware and search hijacking things – and when you’re all done if you’re silly enough to click “I Accept” and let it pillage through your system, you still won’t be able to listen to that station.

And don’t be stupid and click on the link because you don’t believe me and want to see if the stove is really hot.

Xinhau gets it right

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Or at least they didn’t get it wrong.

Every major news service has the main fact of the train derailment near Baltimore wrong. The train did not hit the truck – the truck drove into the side of the train at an unprotected private crossing.

Why would a truck in broad daylight drive right into the side of a moving train?

Clue #1) There is a large rail yard just to the South of the grade crossing

Clue #2) The truck hit the cars near the end of the train

Clue #3) The train was headed for Georgia, yet the derailed cars were North of the point of the collision

The train was backing up through the crossing and the truck driver would not have seen a locomotive nor realized the train was backing up. At a public crossing, the train’s crew is required to stop short of the intersection, and a flagman prevent vehicles from entering the crossing – but this was not a public road.

What will the AP do?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

You could not have a more blatant example that the Obama administration has no limits on what it will do to intimidate the press and their enemies. The DoJ cast a wide net subpoenaing telephone records and emails of many AP editors and reporters – trying to figure out who leaked details of what turned out to be another US covert operation trying to convince Muslims to attack the United States.

Providing the ultimate cover for the entire thing is a witless Republican demanding the investigation in the first place.

So the AP and NY Times are refusing to show up at Holder’s office to be told what his new rules will be (off the record). I’m sure Eric Holder is trembling in fear now.

Where will we get our news once TV news and newspapers are all gone?

Jim Sumpter’s sister: think about retiring from “radio”

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

One or two people may have heard of him

This morning he is talking about his sister – whose husband has built a 12,000 sq foot home – has encouraged Jim to think about retiring and coming to live in their home.


Jim works for a third tier syndicator and is only carried on two radio stations that I know of. He’s still out to prove that Obama was born in Kenya and he has only 7 months to stop Obamacare.

It ain’t going to happen. The deal is set, the Democrats control the Senate. Lean back and try to enjoy it.

Nashing Country

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The other shoe has dropped at Cumulus. It wasn’t unexpected. Cumulus is now doing to Country Music what it has done for News Talk.

When Nash FM debuted in New York City, Cumulus was pretty clear New York City would be the home station for the Nash FM “Country” music format that would replace local programming around the country.

Everyone “knows” that Country music is a single monolithic music format – people in Kentucky, New York City and West Texas all think of the same thing when you say “Country music” – music with a heavy drum and rhythm track, overdriven steel guitars, and no trace of religion or morality – the stuff that made WSM and the Grand Ole Opry the cultural center of Country Music [not].

Cumulus used to own WSM, but last year sold off WSM-AM to the Grand Ole Opry. They still own WSM-FM

Celebrating our freedom

Monday, May 27th, 2013

The “poll”

Paul Finebaum has a new home – ESPN

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

On the same day 100s of ESPN staff got layoff notices (maybe America doesn’t like sports after all?), it was announced that the guru of all things Crimson (University of Alabama reference) will be doing a TV radio simulcast.

ESPN is 80% owned by Disney and 20% by the Hearst Corporation (“Rosebud”). There is some speculation ESPN may have overpaid on its long term sports contracts and is being squeezed partly due to the new competition from CBS and NBC and losing Jim Rome.

Even if you’re like me and don’t care about sports, Paul Finebaum is a major figure in the culture of the Southeast (especially Alabama) and he is a bellweather about where radio is headed. Citadel and then Cumulus stuck it do him by not honoring the contractual arrangement he had (but that’s also the nature of what happens in bankruptcy) – so it looks like he’s headed more to cable TV and will anchor the new SEC Network.

Just think of all the money Lew Dickey just saved for Cumulus!

Breaking news – 4 American Citizens confirmed killed in US drone attacks

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Good timing for this

Dick Morris lands at WPHT in Philadelphia

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

This isn’t particularly news, but I just found it – Mike Smerconish has left radio for the POTUS channel on Sirius/XM as was announced a few months ago.

His replacement is the Dick Morris you’re thinking of – the toe sucking political consultant for Bill Clinton who now is pretending to be a Conservative Republican, carrying on the torch of Smerconish for CBS

Getting Our Fair Share

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

The LIRR is spending $40 million to upgrade one station that carries 6,000 passengers a day on 59 trains, which means a capital expenditure of $6,666 per rider (assuming it comes in on budget)

The monthly fare is $276 for the roughly 1 hour ride into Manhattan.

Typically when transit people want to inflate numbers, they’ll count the trip into town and back as two “customers”

So if the station was the only expense for providing the service, that makes the payback period (not including interest if they float bonds) of 24 months.

A “pocket track” is a holding area in between the two existing tracks. This will allow them to hold a train that ends at this station while trains that continue down the line to go by. Most likely the trains that run further will make this their last stop before the Jamaica station, skipping 8 stations. Once the express train goes by, the local pulls out from the pocket track and follows the express, but stopping at every stop, reducing the crush of people getting on closer to the city.

I’m not arguing that it isn’t needed, but that it should come out of the LIRR operating revenues, not New York or Federal money. You just know a big chunk of this is going to have artwork funded and minority set asides and of course all done by union labor.