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A place for Mom

Joan Lundon is the spokesman for an entity called “A Place for Mom”, which is aired to sound like a PSA, but A Place for Mom is actually a for profit corporation funded by private equity that earns referral fees … Continue reading

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Fork in the Road

I’m going to be involved with some personal issues this week – that means the server will be in lockdown mode, with most of the things that are interesting turned off. The blog will still be here if you already … Continue reading

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I was talking to a coworker yesterday who filled me in on something I had no awareness of. Here is what this is about from a thread on a trucking website: “Lumpers are essentially free labor for the warehouses as … Continue reading

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Chicago – 2 million celebrate Stanley Cup, nothing bad happens The heat got to a few dozen fans, and one yahoo didn’t know you can’t carry a loaded gun in chicago. No riots, no looting, no overturned police cars, no random gun fire. I wonder why?

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Contingency Workers

Here is a new buzzword, at least to me. Is it because of Obamacare? Immigration Reform? Globalism? There have been hints something was changing at mid year. Have a look at this piece of stuff This from the Human … Continue reading

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No, this isn’t about Sweet Jack and layoffs at Cumulus at the former ABC stations happening this week A few days ago, I was listening to the horrid drivel called Fox Radio News at the top of the hour, and … Continue reading

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USB dead drops

Wow, is this subversive – we need Congress to protect us from this! Take a $5 USB drive and embed it in a non obvious location. USB drives require no power – once embedded, people can discretely exchange “stuff” without … Continue reading

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Mrs Miller has been reincarnated

Back in the 1960s, the kidz of the age range of my elder siblings, probably aided by people in radio [turns out it was Gary Owens of Laughin fame], decided to stick it to “the system” by making the songs … Continue reading

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“I can write cursive, but can’t read what I wrote” So this is what the prosecutor is counting on? Trayvon’s girlfriend “wrote” a letter to Trayvon’s mother attempting to document “facts”, but when handed “her” letter, she couldn’t read it – because someone else wrote it for her. Cursive … Continue reading

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Senate passes immigration reform by a wide margin

The bill passed by a wide margin (68-32) – yet another 1000+ page bill that nobody has read. Every Democrat voted to undercut their labor union and African American supporters by undercutting the wages of existing US citizen workers. Of … Continue reading

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