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Death of Marriage Act

DOMA is dead spaketh the Supreme Court. Conservative efforts to do things have a way of backfiring – rather than leaving things vague, the attempt to bring clarity to the law just lobs up a softball for judges to hit … Continue reading

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Culture Clash

Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend speaks out OMG, lol

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Allen Hunt says he’s done with radio

Allen Hunt had a weekend syndicated show for a while, and had stated in the air locally on WSB in Atlanta, but hasn’t come to terms with WSB – Sunday will be his last show

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EAS to cell phones has arrived

About a week ago, my old iPhone 3GS proudly notified me that my carrier settings had just been updated. This was a little odd since this phone has not had cell service for over a year – I just use … Continue reading

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Remote Control Roaches Okay, so you hook up this gear, and a cockroach can be steered to navigate through tiny openings in buildings and carry a listening device. The purpose of course is one that nobody could object to – rescuing people … Continue reading

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What an SQL injection attack looks like

This is just for really geeky people. Last Friday, someone tried an SQL injection attack in the server to break into it – I’m sure the NSA is way too busy to care about me. The basic idea is you … Continue reading

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Joe Pags botches American History

Joe, claiming to be a Southerner, doesn’t know what the Emancipation Proclamation is and said The only slaves freed were those in States in rebellion – it didn’t apply to Union States like Delaware and New Jersey – I think … Continue reading

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Clear Channel hires son of Tom Daschle To be Executive VP of Political Strategy As I’ve written in the past, Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman is a decades long major donor to the Democratic Party. You don’t have to use your imagination to figure out a … Continue reading

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Getting rid of McAfee

Just when you thought reality could not get any stranger. This video is certified safe for all audiences. John got a head start leaving the United States

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The last column of Michael Hastings Ends with “Screw Manning? Lol, screw us. Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming.” Reporter Michael Hastings died in a high speed car crash. It can happen here.

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