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More desk space!

Sunday was my last day working for the food distribution company that was my reason for moving to Chicago (or more accurately my excuse). I’ve got health insurance not tied to employment, an apartment that is perfect for my needs … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck was Diane Sawyer’s little bitch

That’s hot

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XKeyScore So, how does the NSA get data of everything you do on the web if it isn’t being handed over by your ISP? Is your ISP lying to you? Are they using weasel phrases like “except required by law”? … Continue reading

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Who is “the enemy”?

In a bit of a shocker, Mr Manning was acquitted of Aiding the Enemy, the Enemy apparently being everyone without secret clearances. He was convicted of the lesser charges, some of which he already plead guilty to. Much of what … Continue reading

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Pat McCrory day in NC

Pat McCrory is the former mayor of Charlotte NC, and current governor of North Carolina. He’s also a person I knew personally in 1976 when we both served in Student Government at Catawba College. I liked him a lot back … Continue reading

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Wong Fu & AT&T

This is a promo, but the Wong Fu things on YouTube are low budget but better than most of the stuff I don’t watch on TV. In the beginning, they started getting attention by plaing the “white people hate asians” … Continue reading

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How not to respond to a YouTube video

The original video had only a few thousand views, unless I didn’t find it. The response is over a million views. Unless the packages in question were fragile, what she was doing is no different from what goes on in … Continue reading

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Why green paint?

By now you know that the Lincoln Memorial was splattered with green paint, then the statue in front of the Smithsonian, and then the pipe organ in the Bethlehem chapel in the National Cathedral. A woman has been arrested, but … Continue reading

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Is Limbaugh’s career over?

The politico story There is nothing new about this story to long time readers here. Lew Dickey was hired by the lenders to Citadel/ABC to cut costs. Rush and Hannity are the single biggest line items on Dickey’s spreadsheet. It … Continue reading

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4 reasons to dump your man

Wisdom for today’s woman about when to pull the plug on your relationship Four Reasons Is he telling you that having children is important to him? Unforgivable! Your career as a barista at Starbucks deserves more respect than that! Mmmm…. … Continue reading

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