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Kidd Kraddick dead at 53

Kidd Kraddick hosted a morning show on Cumulus Media (he was another of the ABC Radio personalities Cumulus inherited). He keeled over at a golf tournament in New Orleans. Just last week he was discussing with his onair staff what … Continue reading

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Journalistic Fraud

I credit WJR-AM in Detroit with a fair share of the blame for what happened – WJR’s studios are within walking distance of the old massive GM headquarters building. All during the decline of the US Auto industry, WJR was … Continue reading

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Desmond Tutu: I want to go to hell

Oh? If God really does hate homosexuality, the South African leader wants to go to hell. Maybe he should consider converting to Islam. On second thought…..

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Password Please

Since the US House seems to have no problem with NSA building a database of every call detail made, it probably won’t be bothered by this either:

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Mandy Connell to join Radio’s mile high club

Mandy is unique in that she is female and had developed a large streaming audience when she was on a station in Fort Meyers Florida. Almost no local talkers have any traction here. My theory was it was snowbirds who … Continue reading

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Detroit – going under

If you’re in Detroit and need/want to go to Canada, there are only two ways (unless you’re driving a train) You can cross over the water using the Ambassador bridge that was built in 1929 or you can go under … Continue reading

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“Don’t let the circling vultures take our city away”

Two months ago, Louis Farrakhan addresses the Detroit City Council and warns of the white Republican vultures circling over the city of Detroit

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President Obama’s war on black leaders

A good gang leader knows you have to take out your competition before they take you out. Jessie Jackson Jr is sitting in a jail cell. Travis Smiley was warned not to support Hillary in 2008 or there would be … Continue reading

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Banana Diversity

Many people know that French wines only exist today because they are grown from grafts onto North American root stocks after a North American pest was introduced into Europe. Panama disease may do the same thing to bananas, which are … Continue reading

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Democrat tries to shut down Public Radio

FCC letter Bill Haas of Missouri thinks he was mistreated by the station run by the University of Missouri, so being a former Corporate lawyer with a Yale and Harvard education, he did what came naturally – he filed legal … Continue reading

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