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Zombie Media

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10 worst cities in the US to visit

Link You’ll be shocked to learn that Detroit is #1. Their methodology (if there is one) seems highly focused on crime rates. Somehow New Haven CT made the list. The crime in the city is mostly around the public housing … Continue reading

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Your clothing iron may be spying on you

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Cumulus 3Q: Revenue up 2%, EPS down 94%

Sweetjack is starting to get traction. Woof woof

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Islam vs Homosexuality

A nice wedge issue, but we’ll have to let the liberals work ths out. Jama Anshur is a taxi driver in Chicago. He picked up a fare at O’Hare – a man from Hollywood who flew in for a meetup … Continue reading

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Daylight Saving Time

Riddle me this Since Daylight Saving Time is in effect during the summer when days are long, how does DST prevent kids having to go to school in the dark and saving energy during the winter? This weekend is the … Continue reading

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Right Wing talk radio rebounds

This month’s Nielson Media ratings for the largest markets are out. The summer is over and people’s attention turns to Obamacare. Pretty much every commercial news/talk station saw a spike upward in the radio share. Traffic here is up about … Continue reading

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VOA touts Rails to Trails I wonder how many jobs and tax dollars the KATY generated before the United States Government outlawed “dirty” industry?

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Clark Howard succumbs to big pharma

While testing stations, I stumbled onto Clak Howard – the general topic of discussion was generic medications and whether they are as good as the brand names. Clark indicated that he has acquiesced to his doctor to take cholesterol medication … Continue reading

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George W Bush’s FM translator legacy

CBS Radio is launching a Country radio format station in Baltimore Read carefully and see if you can tell me the call sign of the CBS station. A big hint is the story says the “frequency” is “owned” by … Continue reading

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