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The debt monster keeps chasing Clear Channel

Clear Channel incurred a net of around $20 billion in debt to “take Clear Channel private” and the debt load owed to banks continues to devour its soul CC has to pony up $1.5 billion a year in interest on … Continue reading

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Southern Hospitality

My neighbor Sam stopped by with this 😉

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Today’s Southern Food Porn

Understanding the food people in North Carolina eat handed down from generation to generation makes sense when you understand a few basic principles – electricity was not available out in the rural areas and/or there was no money to pay … Continue reading

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Who was Betty Feezor?

As I was enjoying my chili cheese dogs last night in my Bunny hot dog rolls and washed down with Sundrop “cola”, I suddenly remembered watching the Carolina Homemaker show on WBT in the 1970s. Betty did the show live … Continue reading

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Rusty Humphries update

Rusty has not appeared on the air since Talk Radio Network filed a lawsuit against Jerry Doyle, which among other things claimed he talked to Rusty Humphries and interfered with TRN’s relationship with Rusty. Rusty’s facebook page indicates that he’s … Continue reading

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Huckabee says “See Y’all later!”

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is calling it quits as seemed implied by the Dennis Miller announcement yesterday, which already had Huckabee off of KLIF and KCMO. It’s now official – he’s out of syndication at the end of December, … Continue reading

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Who is Puneet Talwar? He works in the Obama White House and is the diplomat working with Iran to lift the trade sanctions. You may remember when the Europeans led the charge to block Iran’s oil sales, India squealed like a stuck pig. … Continue reading

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Geraldo says “adios” (mostly)

Jewish Puerto-Rican radio host and Hispanic immigration activist Geraldo Rivera told his audience today he will be leaving syndication January 1st. He is currently syndicated by Cumulus Media who also owns the former ABC Radio stations including WABC-AM in New … Continue reading

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Who was Walter Winchell?

I added this poll after hearing a radio show (I’m pretty sure it was John Batchelor) on how one of the “Tokyo Rose” radio broadcasters was actually working to help the US military, but was pursued for war crimes, mainly … Continue reading

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US and Europe make peace with Iran, Israel threatens war The most preposterous thing in this story is that it could mean a “suitcase nuke” going off in New York in 5 years. A 20% enriched u-235 weapon would weigh thousands of pounds and even then likely not be … Continue reading

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