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Obamacare “rules” changed again

The day to signup for 2014 Obamacare without creating a gap in coverage has been pushed back. This is odd since open enrollment (for this year only) extends to the end of March 2014, so the Dember 15th date didn’t … Continue reading

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Who is “You all”?

14 year old black student kills white female math teacher So who will be the Al Sharpton defending white people from random racially motivated violence? The US Justice Department seems unlikely.

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FCC Chairman Wheeler has a blog! This is why I was so harsh on Ted Cruz for holding up the nomination – while Mr Wheeler may be something of wireless telecom insider, he’s a very smart man and didn’t get this job because he knew … Continue reading

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Democratic Senate pushes the Nukeular option button

Robert Byrd is dead. Long live ruler Obama. *flash* Duck and Cover! Now they should have time in the Senate to pass a budget bill

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Vancouver bans doorknobs, Bloomberg likes the idea I might have gone along if the thought was to prevent virus transmission by making it possible to open a door by using your elbows – but the reason is concern that baby boomers may not be able to … Continue reading

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Steve Forbes and the three generation rule Generation One founds an important and powerful organization Generation Two tries to be their father Generation Three lets the company go to seed Forbes is for sale. Maybe Al Jazeera is interested.

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Manipulation of unemployment data before 2012 election “isolated incident”

USA Today coverage Good thing to know it isn’t a recurring systemic problem!

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“I’m better than nothing”

Now this is old-timey radio – this station WUAT-AM in Pikeville, TN reminds me a lot of a station in Mount Airy that held on like a radio museum – due to one elderly man’s love of bluegrass music and … Continue reading

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Low Power FM window has closed

The Low power FM “window that the FCC stalled on doing for over 10 years has come and gone. It was delayed by the government shutdown, thn extended when the FCC computers crashed due to the high volume of applications … Continue reading

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TEA party House member busted on cocaine charges Trey Radel used to be a radio host on WFSX-FM in the Ft Myers area of Florida. The police had busted a low level drug dealer who in turn set up the sale. Trey Radel was elected to Congress … Continue reading

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