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Yahoo News: on Social Security and broke? Move to Belize

The report Colombia is another good option.

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2013: The year Christmas died on radio

The December PPM ratings are coming in. For a number of years, stations that started playing Christmas Music in November would get a huge ratings spike. That may or may not translate into making money, but the Christmas effect was … Continue reading

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The Hobbit vs One Tin Soldier

The Hobbit is fiction, but it reflects some people’s real life views and emotions. I went to see the movie this weekend with my niece. The movie was mostly empty of the normal Hollywood messages – no gay hero, no … Continue reading

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Major January 2014 changes

In the next week, there is going to be an enormous amount of change, particularly in talk radio. The purpose of this thread is to communicate the changes that I’m aware of and their status. Each reply to this main … Continue reading

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The other claw drops

There was a Red Lobster about a mile from where I lived in Chicago. I went there once – the first time since the 1970s. I came away totally unimpressed and my standards are not very high. Word hit Wall … Continue reading

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Did the Pilgrims “Found America”?

Steve Deace is one of the late night hosts on Salem Radio. He just wrote a column about that Duck show on A&E and lead with the fact that the United States is “A nation founded by pilgrims seeking out … Continue reading

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Rusty Humphries update

Last night’s Rusty Humphries show was beyond bizarre. Pretty much since Humphries left TRN after they announced they were suing Jerry Doyle, the show has been guest hosted by Charles Butler, a former host from WVON in Chicago. His radio … Continue reading

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Bank of America sells Cumulus stock

Bank of America Capital sold roughly a million dollar’s worth of Cumulus stock on Monday, just as several Security advisory firms just started touting Cumulus Nedia stock as something you should want to buy SEC Form 4 Meanwhile Lew Dickey … Continue reading

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Magnitude 22 earthquake hits Montana!

While I was enjoying Christmas at my niece’s house, I noticed that my phone alerted me at 9:55 am (ET) that a magnitude 22 earthquake had hit in Montana at 10:50:39 (ET) on the 24th near Polson Montana. The earthquake … Continue reading

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USA Today: Obamacare policies unaffordable

Gannett (owner of USA Today) finally takes a stab at doing journalism. Story They did an analysis taking a hypothetical person making just above the subsidy cutoff and see if the cheapest of the cheapest plans meets the requirement that … Continue reading

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