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Sekkusu Shinai Shokogun

This Guardian article is about Japan, but I think Japan is just ahead of the curve. The article The article discusses how young adults in Japan are deciding there is no point to love and sex, and the government and … Continue reading

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Publix to invade Charlotte Charlotte is a city in conflict. It faces an influx of people who left other places they hate and then want to create this island of sophistication in the middle of North Carolina. This is not particularly new. One … Continue reading

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Southern Food Porn – Moon Pies

If you have an ounce of Southern in you, you know the best way to wash down that Moon Pie is with an RC Cola

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Today in Obamacare Hell

The AP is carrying a story that most of the people actually signing up for Obamacare are selecting the cheapest Bronze policy – perhaps not realizing what a $6,000 annual deductible means – which ultimately will stick hospitals with huge … Continue reading

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Trouble in McAdenville So you know that one guy who gets obsessed with putting up more and more elaborate Christmas lights until it consumes his entire income and life… Now imagine a town where all those people decide to move to and … Continue reading

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Black Santa Claus

About 20 years ago, I was out doing the Christmas shopping thing in Northwest Indiana. I felt I needed to buy cards for my brother and sister. I stopped into a store in a place near Indiana Dunes and went … Continue reading

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Firefighter dies after being shot

This story has been loitering in the local news the past few days. In Charlotte, we still publish the photos of people charged with a crime. My tingly senses fired off today for the first time. I walked to … Continue reading

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Petros & Money say No Mas

Fox Sports Radio may be nearing the end of the road. They are primarily providing sports talk to Clear channel and that contract is running out. Petros & Money will be returning to a local only show for LA on … Continue reading

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Smithfield isn’t your dad’s ham company

In my pursuit of Southern Food Porn, I noticed Gwaltney hot dogs on sale for $.99 for 12 ozs – who could pass up that deal? What I didn’t know is that old timey Gwaltney brand is actually owned by … Continue reading

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Screw owner dead

Al Goldstein, founder of Screw magazine has died. The story mentions the interesting detail that at one time he was the driver for Walter Winchell.

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