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Did Cumulus buy Westwood One to kill it?

Westwood One (including Dial Global) felt the wrath of the Dickey brothers yesterday, and the axe continues to swing today. Westwood One + Dial Global was a large portion of the national radio programming not owned by Clear Channel or … Continue reading

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Tajae & Devekico

Not as catchy as Bonnie & Clyde or Thelma & Louise I wonder if the car had Onstar or they were stupid enough to take the employee’s cell phones? Since they apparently arrived at the 7-11 on foot, it’s … Continue reading

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Insights into my father and radio

My father would be 108 years old if he was still around. For CC and my stalker fan club, this is way too much information, but – who the hell cares at this point? In 1975, I was off at … Continue reading

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People who followed me a long time know this radio directory used to be embedded in, which I stopped maintaining around 2005 as dial up Internet service was fading fast. The FindAnISP database had a state added to it … Continue reading

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Snowing in hell

If you were thinking of relocating your business to Charlotte because people say it doesn’t snow here, think again!

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Streaming Stats in detail

With the normal disclaimer that these stats are only for visitors who come to this web site and agree to be tracked… If you’re a metrics junkie, have we got data for you! You don’t need to be registered to … Continue reading

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Major changes at Clear Channel

Don’t underestimate Bob Pittman. For those who have worked in big corporations or watch them, it should not come as a shock that Bob Pittman had a major reorganization prepared a week after he got a 5 year contract extension … Continue reading

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New Detroit Mayor announces property tax fairness plan Property values have been so pathetic in Detroit that it is not uncommon for the annual property tax on a house to be as much as what the house sells for (if you could find a buyer). Northwest Detroit … Continue reading

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El futuro de los Estados Unidos

Antrax F. U We’re gonna rape your mom in the ass – jk

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The Maryland mall shooting

Finally we have pictures of the 19 year old guy who shot up a store that sells clothes to skateboarders I’m shocked, I tell you. Mom says her son was a good kid. What kind of company makes a … Continue reading

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