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Importing jobs from Mexico

Charlotte may reverse its position that it only wants to grant tax breaks to companies that will relocate here that pay high wages (> $45k) – they may give Stanley Black & Decker $185k to move production from Mexico to … Continue reading

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Streaming Radio – the Next Generation

A visitor pointed out a change to Salem Radio that I just incorporated into the web site. As I wrote in the past, the revenue stream of Salem has been migrating from ad revenue on over the air stations to … Continue reading

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“Free” CFL light bulbs!

Duke Energy has a program where they will send you 15 “free” light bulbs a year, as long as you are a residential customer and agree to not sell them on eBay. This is not a new program – Duke … Continue reading

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Dinesh D’Souza charged with violating Federal Election law There couldn’t be a clearer example that the so-called Department of Justice is ready to unleash the power of the Federal Government against opponents of President Obama. The basis of the charge is that Dinesh skirted around campaign finance … Continue reading

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Generic Top Level Domains are here!

Why should you care? Top Level Domains are the final part of the URL for a web address (and email) – up until now, those were .com, .net, .org, .gov, .mil and country codes like .mx, .ca, .uk. Top level … Continue reading

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Limbaugh streaming share over 60%

During the live broadcast hours (Noon-3PM Monday-Friday), Rush has topped 60% for all streaming (here). If you restrict the sample to only political talk (no Jim Rome!), that share rises to 75%. Dave Ramsey long ago jumped the shark. While … Continue reading

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What’s up with Rusty Humphries

While TRN continues to pretend Rusty Humphries has a show, he hasn’t done a show since September. Roy Masters, the defacto owner of TRN (via a religious foundation he controls) filled in during the holidays and characterized what is going … Continue reading

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Will Obamcare pay for gold salts?

The FBI arrested 5 members of a New York crime family for their part in a 1978 airplane heist. Down near the end of the story it mentioned the theft of $1.2 million in gold salts from a FedEx driver. … Continue reading

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There is no night and day on the moon!

Once in a while, my “poll” questions leave me puzzled by the results. I asked people “How long is a day on the moon?”. The question is pretty transparent especially in context of other polls – that the notion of … Continue reading

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Fixing AM radio

A more concrete proposal surfaced today from the FCC on how to save AM radio. One of the ideas is to get rid of the failing stations by offering a tax credit for voluntarily turning in your AM license. The … Continue reading

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