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Nobel Peace Prize winner warns Russia

A primer on the Crimean war and the various histories of the powers in Europe. What’s changed, of course is that Europe is now one monolithic Union with a common set of political, financial and military goals and vision … Continue reading

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$10.10/Hr minimum wage may increase pay for pilots

Charlotte NC has become a major hub for US Air / American. What affects airlines will spill over to the city quickly. The other day, I was shopping at the Walmart Supercenter near Douglas Airport, and it was like I … Continue reading

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British “intelligence” shocked! webcams have naked people So how long before it becomes government doctrine that there is no expectation of privacy when two people get naked over an internet connection? The fact that the agency calls webcam images “porn” suggests they don’t understand the concept … Continue reading

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“You don’t have to wear makeup on radio”

Jim Lange, best known for the Dating Game TV show back when men and women dated each other has died at age 81. Part of his career had been working in radio.

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Mr Sandman, bring me a dream

So just how messed up is our culture? While listening to my newest favorite oldies station in Cairo WV, they played Mr Sandman, a song recorded in the 1950s by The Chordettes. Near the end of song, where the females … Continue reading

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New Low Power FM radio station of the day

The invasion has begun. The FCC approved around 1000 new 100 watt Low Power FM (LPFM) radio stations and is pushing the paperwork through to get them in the air, much to the dismay if the NAB which believes they … Continue reading

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Pussy Whipped Someone from the Onion went to work for Al Jazeera, right?

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Is Alex Jones right about 9/11?

It troubles me greatly when the distance between theories of Alex Jones and the facts begin to narrow. His basic premise is that the US Government was involved with bin Laden and aware of the 9/11 attack ahead of time … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity appears on Glenn Beck today

Lask week, Hannity dropped to #9 here, falling behind Bob & Tom. Savage is roughly tied with Beck for #2. While Beck and Hannity are on the same radio team, they remain competitors on cable/video. It could be interesting.

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Salem CEO to cohost Mitch McConnell fundraiser

Salem Radio has been in the news recently for buying up “right wing” media properties. Ed Atsinger is one of the two founders of Salem Media. If you think Salem will be a venue to overturn the “Republican Establishment”, think … Continue reading

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