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Obama proposes turning Interstate highways into toll roads Then we can sell them to China

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Cumulus reports 1st quarter 2014 results Net loss before the effect of income taxes was a loss of $16 million. The concept of “pro forms” is important to understand to get the big picture. In the last year, Cumulus acquired control of Westwood One, which … Continue reading

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Dead Bear found on campus of NC State University In unrelated news, black bears were sighted in the City of Charlotte

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Sports as an alternative to war It’s the guy all the way to the left

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The importance of

A while back I wrote a blurb about how blocks of IPv4 address spaces are becoming a valuable commodity The “class A” network for 137.*.*.* was originally allocated to the 754th Electronic Systems Group, which is located at an Air … Continue reading

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What if there was a US / Russia war and Russia refused to play

I like to think out-of-the-box. What if Vladimir Putin got on television today and said – “Russia surrenders”? “I’ve ordered the Russian military to destroy all of our tanks, airplanes, ships, and submarines in place, and turn over launch authority … Continue reading

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Staying ahead of the kidz

Do you hear that mosquito? Of course you don’t – you’re over 30 years old. Someone on the cutting edge of radio – probably John Batchelor, maybe Rush or Kim Komando had mentioned this thing I was just reminded of … Continue reading

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How to not be a salesman

More from the totally random department… This week, Rush Limbaugh returned from his surgery to install a second cochlear implant. He spent a good part of an hour talking about the mechanics of how hearing works, how cochlear implants work, … Continue reading

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John Paul Stevens to retire

John Paul Stephens was a rich kid’s son, growing up in Hyde Park, the oasis of rich people on South Lake Shore Drive in Chicago where Barack Obama’s home is. John Paul Stevens was put on the appeals court by … Continue reading

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Clear Channel heading to Supreme Court

This is a good example of how the FCC operates as a quasi government agency, with the NAB steering the boat. This legal document is quite detailed. The FCC was empowered By Congress to make up rules to prohibit … Continue reading

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