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NY Times: The Health Benefits of Nicotine (1997)

The unscientists at the FDA are proposing national regulation discouraging the use of e-cigarettes that deliver nicotine without the cancer causing smoke. Back in 1997, when Journalists still presented both sides of an issue, the NY Times investigated whether the … Continue reading

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The new Ronald McDonald

No, it isn’t a transgendered Rhonda McDonald, or a black Ronnie McDonald in whiteface, but the first comment someone posted was also my first reaction. McDonalds is having problems with slowing sales. Since much of their sales volume comes … Continue reading

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The cost of “free”

You probably know this web server blocks traffic from outside of Borty America. In the past few weeks, the number of hacking attempts to the web site have picked up dramatically. Whether this means the Heartbleed flaw is working to … Continue reading

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Georgia governor signs new gun rights law The suspicious side of me thinks this was done to set up a Federal judge to throw out the law, thereby creating a “negative law”

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Storing copyrighted content in The Cloud

Today was Aereo day at the Supreme Court. In case you’re not familiar with it, the Aereo technology places a tiny TV antenna within a local TV market. Since that tiny antenna is technically receiving the TV signal “over … Continue reading

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US Marshall shoots unarmed man 8 times in SLC Court Room

News Story Mr Angilau was a member of the Tongan Crips, a black gang terrorizing Salt Lake City. He rushed toward the witness stand, and the US Marshall fired his gun 8 times. Given that part of his reason for … Continue reading

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Randi Rhodes calls it quits

Progressive talker Randi Rhodes has been the odd person out. After several prior syndicators, she wound up at Premiere radio, the syndication arm of the evil Clear Channel. If this was Sesame Street and we were playing “which one of … Continue reading

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Local radio and LPFM

The trickle of new LPFM radio stations are arriving on the air. I’m starting to go through the new arrivals to see what I can find about them. As Clear Channel and Cumulus essentially withdraw from any significant local programming … Continue reading

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Looking back to the future

Poll from 2009 Note the answer “I’m sure glad I don’t live in Ukraine”

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Presumptive Medicaid Coverage

North Carolina originally planned to expand Medicaid coverage, but the Supreme Court ruling and the later election of the North Carolina government entirely by Republicans caused North Carolina to withdraw from Medicaid expansion. Last fall, Republican Gov. McCrory was making … Continue reading

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