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NBC Does Snowden

Last night was the big interview with Snowden. Most of you know I don’t watch TV. I’m guessing a few of you watched the interview and have developed an opinion. Were you surprised by how NBC handled it? What is … Continue reading

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Trouble in paradise

(found on RadioLazer, a Spanish Language network of radio stations in Southern California) “We don’t feel safe with this kind of police”

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Working for the future

While you are all busy putting flowers on the graves of the men (mostly) who died in this country’s wars, I’m pushing forward with improving the SRGuide information gathering process (meaning most of it can be done by others using … Continue reading

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Web site update

As of about an hour ago, the website is back on the original eMachine server – running the current Fedora 20 and booting from the internal hard drive instead of the slow small USB drive. There are a few wrinkles … Continue reading

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Want a Krispy Kreme? Go to Red Square

My brother is currently in Russia as a tourist, burning up his frequent flier miles from working as n Obamacare consultant. I thought I would check on the state of American tourism in Russia. Krispy Kreme on Red Square What … Continue reading

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Uncle Tony Scott gets the Boot

Tis the season for Clear Channel and Cumulus to “cut costs” by destroying their product. Tony Scott has worked on the Urban station in Saint Louis for Clear Channel for 25 years. He interviewed Wendy Williams in studio and an … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz pulls the plug

Perhaps Cumulus is getting around to demanding pay cuts, maybe advertisers realize how few “progressive” talk stations are left… Whatever the reason, hot on the heels of Randi Rhodes – Ed Shultz will do his final show on Friday of … Continue reading

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Playing Hardball

This is one of the scariest things I’ve read yet. The USDA has imposed strict new rules on schools that are serving meals to students (who are required by law to be there). Congress, as the elected representatives of the … Continue reading

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TEA Party is Toast Today was primary day for six states. The Republican “establishment” didn’t even break out in a sweat. Mitch McConnell will either be reelected to the US Senate or Democrats will retain control. Dinesh D’Souza has plead guilty to violating … Continue reading

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A Face for Radio

Bob Levy’s first Selfie WOBM-AM and its AM simulcast partner WADB-AM in Monmouth County New Jersey (Jersey Shore) have dropped oldies music to pick up Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity. The station is owned by Townsquare Media (Oaktree Capital). This is … Continue reading

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