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Cumulus cleans up music syndication

Lenders gave Cumulus money on the basis they would cut costs. Cumulus now owns both the former ABC Radio and former Dial Global – both of which had similar 24 hr/day satellite delivered music for lazy or unviable radio stations … Continue reading

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Randi Rhodes leaves syndication

Today is the last day Randi Rhodes will be heard on Premiere radio. Randi wound up working for the “evil” Clear Channel after the failure of Air America and the “progressive” Novo M network in Phoenix. Coinciding with her leaving, … Continue reading

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Long distance dedication

Casey Kasem has Parkinson’s and is unable to speak. His family struggle has finally made it to the national consciousness, His second wife has blocked all contact with his children. For the most part, she was successful – however, the … Continue reading

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Meet Cathy M Garrett

Ms Garrett is the County Clerk of Wayne County Michigan. Wayne County is Detroit along with other Downriver areas like Dearborn and Redford. Here is some unrelated video so you can get a sense of her. Cathy Garrett video She … Continue reading

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Charlotte Government update

It made national news when the FBI lured the recently elected black mayor of Charlotte into taking bribes. Less visible nationally is he was replaced by a powerful white Democrat. Blacks hold 6 of the 11 seats on the council, … Continue reading

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First Contact

It was about 4:30 PM, I was driving through downtown Charlotte. Unexpectedly, the motor in my car stumbled, then within a few seconds it stopped running. Sizing the situation up, I look at the gas gauge and surprisingly my gas … Continue reading

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The truth about aspirin

My nephew’s wife is a neurologist who runs a stroke clinic at one of the two major hospitals in Charlotte. I believe she’s in her mid 30s. From time to time, medical subjects come up, and I’ve been consistently clear … Continue reading

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“Old School” Radio

I’m listening to WKEI-AM in Kewanee, Illinois. They have a trading show. If you want an item on the show, follow these easy instructions: – Download the form from the web site – Print it out – Fill in the … Continue reading

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Tunein goes Social

Tunein is pushing a major change to their product While there is some overlap in what we do, I don’t consider StreamingRadioGuide to be competing with Tunein. Profit or accumulating wealth has never been my objective. Tunein is run … Continue reading

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Life After Windows

This is a huge signal about the future AMD has announced they’re going to embrace android and build the ecosystem to support Android in tablets not tied to the x86 Intel architecture that underpins Windows

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