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Revisting the volunteer concept

Most of you know that I abandoned trying to maintain player links a few months ago, due to the end of Windows XP support, the shift toward mobile listening with dedicated apps and the general notion of getting away from … Continue reading

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The Death of Adult Standards

Wikipedia Definition While the Wikipedia definition is skewed towards the bias of the person who wrote it, it has the basic facts correct. Adult standards is a music format primarily heard on a.m. radio, targeted at the self-proclaimed “Greatest Generation”. … Continue reading

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Entercom’s 2 minute promise

Entercom is trying an experiment in Seattle Press Release KNDD-FM (The End) plays “alternative” music and will now limit commercial breaks to two minutes, three times an hour The station has about a 3% share -they own 4 stations … Continue reading

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On being a Great American

In 2009, Micheal “Savage” Weiner erupted at a caller who made the mistake of saying to Savage “You’re a great American!” The greeting is used by callers to Sean Hannity (the Wall Banger), and is the signature slogan of WLW-AM’s … Continue reading

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Howie Carr signs national syndication deal

I know how much WesternMA enjoys Howie, but I don’t see this having a snowball’s chance in Arizona to turn out well. Announcement Howie is a newspaper guy and has a huge following in the Boston area. The problem is … Continue reading

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Aereo is DOA

Supreme Court says 6-3 that the scheme to rent tiny antennas is a copyright violation. There is a shocker.

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Something broke!

The “what’s on now” and stats look broken. “Unknown” is suddenly very popular.

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Townsquare Media to “go public”

Townsquare Media is owned by Private equity firm Oaktree Capital. After Clear Channel went public, many of the small market stations were sold off because they were not economically viable. Over the years, Townsquare bought up a lot of other … Continue reading

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Newspaper / Media cross ownership rules

The National Association of Broadcaaters (NAB) predates the FCC created in 1936. At the time, the only “communications” that “needed” regulation were AM radio and radio telegraphs. The ITU needed to standardize spectrum usage worldwide and the FCC was to … Continue reading

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Culture Shocks

Barry Lynn is an ordained minister who believes with every ounce of his being that government should stay out of the religion business. His religious affiliation is with the left leaning United Church of Christ. (The college I graduated from … Continue reading

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