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The End of the Password

I spend time playing an online game and they announced today they are replacing their already tight security with something much better. The existing method works by sending a text message to the phone you’ve registered any time that you … Continue reading

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Amtrak’s woes

The Amtrak train from Chicago to Seattle has been averaging 3-5 hours late recently, in no small part due to Warren Buffet’s influence at stopping the building of the Keystone XL pipeline. He controls the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) … Continue reading

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“Americans just believe what they see on Cable TV”

Obama can’t declare a new Iraq war without approval. Even Bush knew that Ryan Goodman is not identified in the Guardian article. He is a law professor at New York University – with solid left wing credentials in Human Rights … Continue reading

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It’s a challenge to maintain a format that doesn’t totally confuse new users (especially a blind user with a text to speech device) and at the same time satisfy “power users”. The former is really the target audience – this … Continue reading

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Repaired Station List by State Available from the main page – a long time user of the web site pointed out (correctly) that I seriously broke that page, and it has never really worked totally correctly. I broke it when I added the ability … Continue reading

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The Automat

The other day, in a different venue – someone mentioned the Automat. I think the context was we were discussing the possible effects of a $15 an hour minimum wage that Democrats are pushing hard. You have to be pretty … Continue reading

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T-Mobile announces Music Freedom

T-mobile is coming after AT&T and Verizon. They’ve announced that streaming of music to your T-Mobile cell phone will not count against your cell data limits. This includes a number of popular services including iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes… T-Mobile … Continue reading

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The Uber revolution

Uber runs contrary to everything the government tries to scare you with. “We” must license and limit the number of taxicabs in a city because: – drivers won’t carry insurance – passengers will rob drivers (and rape female drivers) – … Continue reading

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We Accept EBT and WIC

When I was looking at condos in Charlotte, there is a pretty clear pattern to housing prices. Same age construction, similar units. If the property is in a “white” neighborhood, it will sell for $100 sq/ft. If the house is … Continue reading

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Have you got the time?

I might have written about this before – not sure 🙂 At some point, I was having issues with Windows XP not keeping its time synced. Keeping all of the computers on the Internet agreeing on the precise time is … Continue reading

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