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There are 10,000 streams and nothing to listen to!

After a little trimming around the edges, I’ve very satisfied with the change I just made to suppress the redundant listings. Instead of giving you a big long list, you see the “best” ones in my experienced opinion, starting from … Continue reading

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Visibility of Redundancy Data

If you have signed up as a volunteer, on the “What’s on now page”, you should now see a link like this one: Clicking on that link will bring you to the complete list of stations presented in the way … Continue reading

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New Station Format – Native Tribe

This is long overdue. The Democrats have been pushing the FCC for a very long time to hand out radio station licenses to Indian Tribes and those have slowly been showing up. I’ve put them variously under “ethnic” (if they … Continue reading

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The huge coming “data purge”

I’ve decided to go forward with the big data purge mentioned by me a number of times over the years, although I’m still refining the rules. The basic concept is that most visitors realize after a while that when listening … Continue reading

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You’ve won the Cumulus President’s Cup

Who is spreading the lie that Cumulus are tight wads? The Youngstown Cluster just won the President’s Cup for doing a great job! The $10,000 prize will be split among all of the employees in Youngstown – from my … Continue reading

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Spending wisely

Can anyone figure out why Minnesota public radio would have a radio station in Sun Valley Idaho?

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The next big idea

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while – it isn’t all that complex, but would require lots of changes to make it work. Currently (going back to almost the beginning 10 years ago), you can ignore a show … Continue reading

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KFWB-AM in Los Angeles to drop news/talk

KFWB-AM is basically a CBS station but because of the TV/Radio cross ownership rules has to be held in an arm’s length trust. KFWB for the past couple years has been “almost all news” station. They started out being all … Continue reading

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The Wacky World of Simulcasting

Until there is peace in the Middle East, don’t expect to be reading much politics on this blog. I’m actively not listening to “right wing” talk radio. If you’re interested in volunteering to help the web site, read on – … Continue reading

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Safer Browsing

On the path to making using this web site more secure, the Security Filter has been integrated into the “URL Caution Notice”. It provides the URL, a link to ARIN to see who owns the IP, and who we think … Continue reading

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