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The coming Internet war

Imagine that you’re a volunteer and trying to determine if this is the real web site for WABY-AM, which last we knew was a nostalgia music station on AM 900 in the Saratoga area called Saratoga Moon, but for some … Continue reading

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Seeing what you want to see

Glenn Beck and Pat Grey were cheering on this amazing video of Hamas firing a rocket from the top of an apartment building, cheering, then only a few seconds later, a rocket fired by an F-16 hits the building and … Continue reading

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Andy Dean turns in his notice

Donald Trump’s business associate and aspiring radio host has told Premiere Radio he’s had enough. His last show will on August 8, and at least temporarily he will be replaced by Joe Pags. The 6-9 PM Eastern time slot on … Continue reading

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Station Web Site load times

A while back, I started logging how long it takes to load a station’s home page. It’s important to be clear this is just the HMTL text for the home page, not the 57 things a web browser goes and … Continue reading

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FCC data problem

For reasons I haven’t yet identified, the update of FCC license data has not been working for some time. While looking at a station that had its web site vanish, I noticed that the Licensee was still set to the … Continue reading

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Sexy Talk is Hot!

Saint Louis has a “new” AM radio station fishing around for a format, and someone came up with the idea of Xtreme Talk. So is this the future to draw young people back into listening to AM radio? … Continue reading

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The Invaders

It could not be more “in your face”. WWRL-AM is a radio station in the Harlem section of New York City. It was one of the “Black” radio stations in New York. The owner is actually not a native – … Continue reading

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Making Money in Radio

Back in 1990, Liberman Broadcasting paid $23 million for AM radio stations KHJ in Los Angeles. KHJ is only a class B station running 5,000 watts and only solidy covers the city of Los Angeles, and Catalina Island out in … Continue reading

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NBC: Spanish Language Radio is growing fast Missing from the story is any mention of NBC’s partnership with Telemundo

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Harold Camping: what if something happens to you?

Harold Camping was the force behind Family Radio, a Christian radio service that mainly featured Harold Camping. He briefly came to national attention several years ago by predicting the rapture was about to happen. He spent all of the money … Continue reading

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