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Radio Disney pulls the plug

the story Radio Disney has always been unorthodox. They run a significant network of potentially valuable AM stations in major markets. The stations are targeted specifically at children, up through early teenagers. I think they exclusively play music from artists … Continue reading

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The new low-power FM radio stations are arriving

Looking at the totals, there are 70 new LPFM stations in the database. Low power FM is a type of radio station created by Congress over 10 years ago as an alternative to “pirate FM radio” – A legal licensed … Continue reading

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How to “Safely” verify station web sites

Hello volunteers, I’ve been busy plugging the holes where people think we still test streams or update program schedules for WJAS-AM 🙂 These testing tools were originally meant for my use and as such are not intuitive – I’ve been … Continue reading

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Payback to the NCAA

I will shed no tears for the NCAA, which has been on this campaign to punish schools that have Indian based mascots, even if the Indian tribes have no issue with it. The free ride the colleges are getting for … Continue reading

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Overnights – more triage

Between midnight and 6 AM Eastern time, about 35 people visit the website during the six hour period. Keep in mind that’s 9 PM on the West Coast. During that time period, Nielsen ratings don’t count. There are only two … Continue reading

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Restoration of streaming links for news/talk

Greetings volunteers, Behind the scenes, I’ve been busy. I’ve now culled out almost 3,000 redundant schedule items (about 1/3 of all of them) and verified all news/talk stations as being (moderately) accurate. As a result, I’ve restored the direct listen … Continue reading

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The future of Mobile Streaming

Up until recently, if you wanted to listen to a radio station on your cell phone or iPad, you need an app like ooTunes, iHeartRadio or tuneIn. With the introduction of Internet connected entertainment systems in new cars, over the … Continue reading

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FCC to require radio stations to have a website

The FCC has proposed a rule that will require all radio stations to have a website and is asking for comments on their rule. The FCC is owning up to the reality that the main studio requirement is unenforceable. Currently, … Continue reading

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WPGB-FM in Pittsburgh gives Rush Limbaugh his Freedom

You might remember WPGB-FM as the flagship of the Quinn & Rose show. It was one of the pioneers in putting Conservative News/Talk on FM to see if young people would listen to Rush Limbaugh – calling young women sluts … Continue reading

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Burnie Thompson gets his freedom

Magic Broadcasting in Florida has liberated Burnie Thompson from their lineup.

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