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New Generation of Talk

This might suggest what Clear Channel thinks the Post-Limbaugh era will look like. Today, Clear Channel “flipped” KOY-AM in Phoenix from the useless “Business Talk” to “KFI-2”, the “Next Generation of Talk” [KFI is the Los Angeles station] LA hosts … Continue reading

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Shoring up the defenses

Those of you considering helping worried about the risk have less to worry about – although in life nothing is 100% certain. As I suggested a couple days ago, the routine to evaluate the risk profile of any arbitrary URL … Continue reading

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Duke and the doctor slip out the door

This is another radio show you probably never heard, but did significantly better in syndication. While they did promote selling food supplements, it isn’t your standard infomercial – as the show was done live and had real callers. Jan … Continue reading

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Peter Shiff says “no mas”

There is a good chance you don’t know who he is. He is (was?) president of Pacific Euro Capital. He was picked up by Radio America when G Gordon Liddy retired, and is also carried on GCN. After 4 years, … Continue reading

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Understanding what “the cloud” is

People who have been here several years know that I’ve bounced a web server around on long trips, and the server currently is hanging from a cable connection in my home. Back in the “” days, I was paying $400 … Continue reading

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Verification List

I threw together a list of the “nnn” most recent web sites that have been verified by volunteers. It looks like this: but by the time you read this, it probably will have more stuff on it – since I’m … Continue reading

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Tightening up the volunteer concept

Allowing people to modify the database directly requires trust and exposes me and visitors to potential risk. Registering with a throwaway email account in order to discard emails that I try to send you about volunteer actions is inconsistent with … Continue reading

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Savage’s Pulitzer prize stolen by NPR’s time travel machine!

Michael Savage is playing connect the dots again, and has discovered GEO Group, a private for profit company that operates prisons, and now is going to house these immigrants flooding over the border. Savage has preemptively accused people of stealing … Continue reading

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Cumulus to drop ABC News

Multiple sources agree that Cumulus media has decided to drop ABC News at the top of the hour on their stations at the end of the year. This is significant because Cumulus bought the former ABC radio stations when they … Continue reading

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Jason Lewis has Gone Galt.

Jason Lewis will never work in radio again. And that’s by design. Last night was this last show. He’s been syndicated by GCN, but his show produced and carried by a handful of Clear Channel stations. What happens next? Who … Continue reading

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