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Elvis has left the radio

After looking at about 9000 radio stations, some patterns begin to show up. One of them appears to be the death of Elvis Pressley. Elvis would’ve turned 79 years old this year. The women who used to flock to Graceland … Continue reading

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Shell Shock

Part of the reason I took the website down was my fear that the United States and European union directly confronting Russia was going to result in massive cyber warfare breaking out onto the Internet. Running the server from my … Continue reading

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Nielsen as a data source

Up until about a year ago, Arbitron was the 900 pound gorilla in radio ratings – literally. Compiling ratings for radio is extremely expensive and radio owners tend to be “cheap” and try to use Arbitron’s data without paying for … Continue reading

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The FCC Silent Treatment

For those volunteers aspiring to become hard core radio data junkies 😉 or highly paid communications law attorneys, it is useful to know the process for a radio station to not be on the air. A few random things to … Continue reading

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IRN/USA radio network throws in its hand

This is not a huge shock. Independent radio syndication by satellite is dead. Jeff Weber, President of competitor Business Talk Radio and Lifestyle radio networks gave up last week. IRN/USA has a very minimal cadre of affiliates for its … Continue reading

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Wyoming is caught up!

People are starting to the idea, and that makes me happy 🙂 I added the link for Wyoming Public Radio’s affiliate/translator list, which was most of what got dumped into the “Ignored” pile and I confirmed. As a general rule … Continue reading

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Real or fake? WODI-AM is located at 1230 kHz in Brookneal, Virginia. (Population 1,112) The licensee is JKC Media Ventures, based in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Last we knew, the station was broadcasting sports. In November, 2013′ the owners asked for the … Continue reading

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Why music radio has become so awful

Nautel LPFM webinar This is sales material for probably the world’s leading manufacturer of high power radio transmitters. It’s pretty amazing technology – if you watch radio stations as much as I have, you realize that most radio stations are … Continue reading

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Clear Channel pulls the plug on “radio”

This was obvious from the day IHeartRadio was created, if you were paying attention to Clear Channel’s public statements – and especially if you know a lot about Bob Pittman. Clear Channel is dropping “radio” from its iHeartRadio name, now … Continue reading

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Relaxed rules for “possibly unsafe”

There are still 6,400 radio stations that nobody has visited in the last 180 days, and 5,800 that haven’t been visited in almost a year (320 days) The handful of volunteers trying to do this can see quickly just what … Continue reading

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