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And now for something completely different KKRN FM, is a volunteer-based, listener-supported radio station fostering positive social change and healthy communities by entertaining, informing and educating through diverse music, culture, news, and public affairs programming.

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Are you John Galt?

The third and final film of Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” opens this weekend. Keep an eye out for former radio host Rusty Humphries. If you go, be careful not to aim your cellphone toward the screen, or face felony … Continue reading

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Making this web site “Mobile Friendly”

This project is about 5 years overdue – but since all my time was being burned keeping track of 240 Rush Limbaugh affiliates, it never got done. The first step is to accurately detect if you’re using a “mobile” device … Continue reading

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The danger of “free”

Everyone has accepted the notion that everything on the Internet is “free”. Nothing in life is free – it’s just the costs are hidden in different ways. This blog software (WordPress) is “free”. It leaks information to third parties on … Continue reading

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Website challenge of the day

This “looking at web sites and tell me what the format it is” can be much harder than you think. There are no “Trophies” for wrong answers. See if you can identify the format of this web site only by … Continue reading

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Putting the pinch on Cumulus

It isn’t clear if this is to save money or to kill the messenger – but Jon Pinch is “retiring” as co-COO of Cumulus, a job he shared with the John Dickey, the brother of CEO Lew Dickey. Jon Pinch … Continue reading

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Well that didn’t take long – Changing Music Station formats

I really really asked nicely that people not change closely related music formats without really strong evidence. Radio DJs live to have these arguments, and I want no part of it.. I guess the point here is I can’t rely … Continue reading

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Understanding Website Aliases

It is very common for a website to have more than one name. Deciding what to do can be tricky, and there may be no “correct” answer Let’s say a station has 2 names and When you go … Continue reading

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Helping Out

You may have noticed a lot of change here in the past month, including the requirement that you be a registered user to view the website. I think the message is clear that if I don’t get a lot of … Continue reading

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Not so subtle changes at Univision

Univision is a Spanish language network of radio (and TV) stations in the US. They came under intense pressure during he Reagan are for being defacto controlled by Mexicans, which is contrary to law. For my 2009ish history of Univision … Continue reading

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