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Darryl Parks on the death of syndicated talk To appreciate the significance of this, you need to know who he is. Clear Channel (now iHeart) has one news/talk station that is very different than the rest. While most Clear Channel stations news talk stations are drifting down … Continue reading

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IRN/USA network fading fast

This morning I was attempting to confirm that IRN’s Daybreak USA show is still even being distributed.    A couple months ago, I carried the item that the “network” was being “sold” to a “Christian” “news” service. The one station … Continue reading

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Whois added to station editor

For those doing station verification, a new link has been added to click to do a “Whois” query. (Note the thumbnail of the page which I added recently but didn’t tell about in the blog) Since I’m not asking you … Continue reading

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What if Premiere Radio shuts down?

Bob Pittman, who runs Clear Channel, is a lifelong major donor to Democratic candidates. He would like few things more than being the guy who “got” Rush Limbaugh off the air – if he can convince the investment bankers who … Continue reading

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New link to

Hello testers, For those of you who have been brave enough to invoke the station editor (which is read only for new helpers), I’ve added a link to open up for the web page we think is the URL … Continue reading

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Several volunteer changes

College radio stations are crap. I’ve written about this in the blog, and am not going to discuss their merits any further. Most college stations are active about 2 days a year, if that. Only a handful (usually where there … Continue reading

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What is wrong in this picture?

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The death of a great radio station

Back in the day, WLS-AM in Chicago was one of those radio stations that transformed a generation in the 1960s. ABC radio, along with sister station WABC in New York turned the country on to rock ‘n roll, before FM … Continue reading

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Do you miss Neal Boortz?

Donald Trump protege Andy Dean left his nationally syndicated Radio show to start up a podcasting service. According to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (owned by Cox Media, the owner of WSB-AM in Atlanta, where Boortz’s show was produced), Neal … Continue reading

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America loves sports, but…

Charlotte loves Jesus. The former home of PTL (Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker) and the Billy Graham freeway, and the Bible Broadcasting Network just can’t get enough Jesus. If you scan the map, most major streets have a Biblical connection … Continue reading

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