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NPR rolls out changes Monday

If you are a fan of Morning Edition and All Things Considered, you are in for a rude awakening tomorrow (Nov 17, 2014) Both shows are going to start to sound a lot more like commercial radio. Both shows are … Continue reading

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Howie Carr’s New Home – WMEX-AM

Howie has sent out the official notice that he will be on WMEX–AM 1510 starting on Monday. No word yet about the syndication. As of today, WMEX-AM 1510 doesn’t exist. The station is currently using the call sign of WUFC-AM, … Continue reading

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Real America

The basic strategy is the ideal attack is to drive your car in reverse so your trunk destroys the radiator in the other car, which will promptly cause that engine to fail

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old blogs

The pre-2009 blogs are offline, perhaps forever. I noticed that one of them was full of comment spam, and is probably an ongoing security risk since the version of wordpress is very old. It isn’t clear why I can’t upgrade … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Wall Street Journal Radio, Howie Carr

Today’s Tom Taylor newsletter is full of bad news. Dow Jones has pulled the plug on Wall Street Jornal this morning and related programming. The program was distributed by Compass Media Networks, who is making noises about putting together a … Continue reading

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Phyllis Schlafly Update

Bored with radio, I decided to play today’s Alex Jones podcast. Just about as I was falling asleep, Phyllis Schlafly appeared. If you remember who she is, you’ll definitely want to seek it out. Phyllis is 90 years old and … Continue reading

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Illinois Governor’s Race

Race is the operative word County by County map of Illinois from Cook County is still counting dead people.

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Westwood One shows Mike Huckabee the door

When legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey died in 2009, Mike Huckabee stepped in to fill his shoes. Paul Harvey had a 15 minute show each day, generally carried at 11:45 AM. Huckabee replaced him with a five minute version. Huckabee went … Continue reading

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New artwork

This version of WordPress now supports randomized images in the header. Today’s new radio station of the day is WHNR-AM in Cypress Gardens Florida. The station has a 3 tower directional array- one of the towers collapsed in 2010, has … Continue reading

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Radio One on the 2014 election

Radio One is the “black” radio network founded by Cathy Hughes starting with WOL-AM in Washington DC. The stations send out a daily newsletter to their mailing list, which I read carefully. When Eric Holder resigned, the stations were amazingly … Continue reading

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