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Understanding AM Clear Channel

I was out prototyping my “Zombie radio station detector” today in South Charlotte NC – going station by station looking for AM stations that should be there – but aren’t. The FCC rarely gets complaints that stations are off the … Continue reading

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Welcome your IRS form 8962 overlords

8962 Form For those who signed up for “free” government health insurance, they are about to find the consequences of fibbing to, often encouraged by their Obamacare guides. Anyone who had the government pay for their insurance should have … Continue reading

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Important 2016 Presidential Election announcement

Regarding the 2016 Presidential election, the Center for Resposible Internet Disclosures announced today that Art Stone is not a candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. Millions of similar announcements are expected in the next few weeks. Note that Romney didn’t … Continue reading

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What would a Constitution Convention accomplish?

Mark Levin has been agitating for some time for the several states to call an Article 5 Convention to propose changes to the U.S. Constitution. This is somewhat uncharted territory. The closest comparison was the convention which scrapped the Articles … Continue reading

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The worst advertisement of all time

The CEO of McDonald’s stepped down today. I didn’t know until today that he was an “African American”, but I think at least that explains the recent screwup with the “Lovin BEATS hatein’” ad campaign that was pulled at the … Continue reading

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Charlotte to get Google Fiber

If you had 1000 Mb/Second Internet access, how would you use it? I don’t download copies of an entire human genome in my spare time, don’t need a copy of every YouTube video featuring a cat. The current top of … Continue reading

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Snowerism gone wild!

Are you people nuts? How dare you disobey the Mayor of New York and walk around on the sidewalks in this blizzard! Tuesday morning update – note there is no snow currently falling 5th Avenue – note that even though … Continue reading

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Big Buck Contest

now that’s one big rack Bambi is dead.

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Joe Franklin is dead–obit-joe_franklin-78900b810e.html I mostly know Joe Franklin from watching WWOR TV on cable in the 1980s. If you don’t know New York, you learn just what an interesting place it can be. I hope Joey Reynolds pops his head onto national … Continue reading

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Vewy Quiet

The new “format name” for radio station licenses with no evidence of any business activity is now “Vewy Quiet”. It’s getting close to Wabbit season. The count of likely unreported silent stations is approaching 400. Some may just be Speedy … Continue reading

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