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Detroit gets The Word

Last year, Radio Disney pulled the plug on their AM radio network and turned the stations over to brokers to sell. Most of the stations are high power AM radio stations in major markets. Disney is losing their shirt on … Continue reading

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And the new morning host on WOR-AM is…

You might know him as “MJ in the Morning”, from doing one of those Morning Yuk Yuk “zoo” shows in Florida, feuding with Bubba the Love Sponge. Slightly more possible is you may know him as the afternoon host playing … Continue reading

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Waking the Deaf

Rush Limbaugh started his show on Friday, telling how he was late getting to the studio because he overslept. His wife was out of town for some reason. He announced he was terrified he would not wake up on time … Continue reading

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MLK Jr Day in Henry County, Tennessee The picture is worthy of a caption contest, but everything on the page is an education.

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The Swiss surrender to victory

Ever since the 2009 panic, the Swiss have been pretending that the Euro is worth 20% more than the Swiss Franc (The Swiss still have their own currency). This isn’t true and the Swiss Central Bank has been soaking up … Continue reading

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Dr Laura Savage gets contract with WKRP

Michael Savage extends contract One of the more memorable and more important episodes of the TV show WKRP concerned unqualified people on the radio giving out advice. Jennifer, the station’s receptionist was dragged into the studio in an emergency and … Continue reading

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Are you Charlie? Really?

Other than the Freedom of Speech that you learned about, what do you know about Charlie Hebdo? Alex Jones is promoting anothe of his crazy theories that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was actually an Israeli operation carried out by … Continue reading

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Real Health Care Reform

Blue Cross & Shield is finally motivated to make cost data available for the masses. They put a tool online that allows you to see what a procedure should actually cost Having 3 close relatives that earn their incomes … Continue reading

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Changing your email address

This is not about the blog, but the web site. Unless you’re a volunteer, creating an account doesn’t have a lot of purpose. It’s main use is to save favorite stations and programs and ignoring the same. It isn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Well, there are people who still have a functioning brain willing to resist peer pressure. National Post – “we” are not Charlie hebdo Rex Murphy is one brave man. He is willing to point out that the same people swooning … Continue reading

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