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Money talks

This story from a few months ago speaks volumes that many in radio don’t understand. Success isn’t about ratings, it is about sponsor loyalty and relationships. The zombies at Cumulus Radio decided to throw the Motorman Leon Kaplan overboard. He … Continue reading

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Larry King drops in at Classic Rock Q1043

While updating program websites, I stumbled on this really interesting 20 minute interview by Jim Kerr with Larry King on Thursday on Q104.3 (WAXQ-FM – Clear Channel)  It apparently was completely spontaneous (maybe).  It would have been better if the … Continue reading

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Zombie Watch – WTOW-AM

Located in bucolic Washington NC, WTOW is a class D (small) AM station (500 watts) that was (is?) a black gospel radio station.   This is the one and only driveway to the transmitter   The station used to have … Continue reading

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Welcome to Meadville PA

While looking at radio stations, I stumbled on this little item (no, not the Wienermobile crash)… The city of Meadville has a number of good accomplishments. In the past 20 years, they have only had to raise the poperty tax … Continue reading

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Annual Charlotte NC Snow Day

It’s Mid February and no snow yet – that might change tomorrow The server is in Texas, so it won’t be affected, but if ice pulls down power, I’ll have fewer options for Internet access. At least this isn’t Boston. … Continue reading

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Gary Owens is dead

You bet your bippie. A lot of people don’t know the announcer on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in was a real radio announcer. For a long time, he was doing the Music of your Life Nostalgia music show. He outlasted almost … Continue reading

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New Feature – Facebook likes for Shows

For several years, there have been Facebook like counts collected for Radio Stations. Since things are evolving quickly that Shows matter, radio stations don’t – it was appropriate to start tracking shows. Very likely you will find this list surprising … Continue reading

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The “American” woman from Suburban Chicago who wanted to kill Canadians

Canadians immediately invoked the Canadian definition of “terrorism” that requires cultural differences and declared “no terrorism here!” Now that they identified the woman, interesting details emerge, like her being the daughter of an FOTB (“Fresh off the Boat”) immigrant from … Continue reading

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Hard Times

What I’ve mostly been doing since Thanksgiving is researching radio stations I’ve never been able to find. One of the tools that is helpful is Google Earth Street View. It’s my belief there are 1000 radio stations that have ceased … Continue reading

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The other side of the Syrian dental student It’s worth pointing out that Mr Hicks has not confessed to anything. This Twitter account could support other explanations for an execution style murder. Syria is having a little civil war thingy and his tweets were pretty political

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