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NPR is so confused

When your “journalism” rule book contains only one line – “Republicans Bad, Democrats Good”, you end up tying youself in knots. While doing field testing hunting for wabbits, I briefly caught NPR discussing today’s expected climax of Rand Paul blocking … Continue reading

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Identify this bug

ID’ing the holly plant was such a success, let’s wander into entomology or etymology. For you Yankees thinking of moving South, this place is full of scary bugs! ┬áRun away! It wanted to ride on my car, but got bored.

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Jammin’ Pig *updated*

Be there or be square Yesterday’s crowd Photoshop? *update* No pushing!

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Testing groups

For the dozens of you czars doing testing, time management can become an issue – along with boredom. In the upper left hand corner is a filter to select subgroups of stations. Most are only useful if you are a … Continue reading

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Which brand will your next car be – Apple or Google?

GM has sided with Google. At their developers conference, Google laid out their vision for many things, one of which is Android Auto Working in conjunction with your Android phone, your console can show turn by turn navigation, make phone … Continue reading

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What secret is worth $100k a month?

Former Republican Speaker of the house Denny Hastert has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. He was caught in a net of his own making, and my sympathy for him is very limited. I know I’m in a small … Continue reading

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34,591 pounds of cheese

Wisconsin isn’t called the Cheese capital for nothing! WCCN-AM is housed in the former Wisconsin pavilion at the 1964 “World’s Fair” held in Flushing Meadows in New York. It wasn’t actually a world’s fair, and Wisconsin isn’t a country. The … Continue reading

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Kate Delaney has a new job

You’re forgiven if you don’t know who Kate Delaney is. For as long as this web site has been around, Kate has been doing a syndicated radio show called America Tonight that competes against Coast to Coast and the Redeye … Continue reading

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Another Radio Shyster heading to jail

National Gold Exchange – ring a bell? Phoenix Gold Exchange? Turns out it was a grubby little sweat shop in Tampa. One of the principals talked a bank into loaning him $35 million which went to building a $23 million … Continue reading

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Thunder Road to close

In 1973, the brand new Carowinds Amusement park opened near Charlotte on the North / South Carolina border. No longer did young people have to go to Myrtle Beach for summer fun. In 1976, they opened their brand new wooden … Continue reading

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