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Lazy news

Many “full service” radio stations and small town newspapers love easy news. Calling / visiting the police station, publishing who was arrested, car accidents, property transfers, restaurant inspection reports. It is not uncommon for the newspaper to own the radio … Continue reading

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Johnny Donovan and Cumulus split up

Radio Online Totally no surprise here. Johnny has been at WABC in New York so long that he was there playing music back in the days before Rush Limbaugh. For those keeping score at home, Donovan’s voice is heard on … Continue reading

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US Chamber of Commerce explains Common Core Math So by the time you converted 1 subtraction problem into 3 subtraction problems and an addition problem with three numbers, the kid from China has your job. Let’s just admit they are teaching kids how to use an abacas

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Obama’s Willie Horton

Charlotte made national news again! There was a multiple homicide earlier this year that got national attention because one of the dead people was a young woman who had been on a cable TV show. The guy who murdered … Continue reading

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Hunting Wabbits

Even if you aren’t interested in volunteering, there is something you can do. There are about 750 stations that have so little information about them – no web page, no Facebook, no mention in a local newspaper, contact address is … Continue reading

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All Pot Talk

Live from Colorado, 24 hour a day talk about Marijuana. This has existed for a while – it’s a real live radio station, talking about pot 24 hours a day. Pick up a bag of Doritos and enjoy!

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My solution to Detroit – Lease it to China

So here is my idea… Model New Detroit loosely after the British colony of Hong Kong. The city would be leased to China for 99 years. Chinese immigrants living in Detroit would not become U.S. Citizens. While they could travel … Continue reading

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Rush’ing to the exit

This is close to unthinkable – a big market AM radio station has told Premiere that they’re through with Rush Limbaugh. In the past, radio stations would push their grandmother off a cliff in her wheelchair for a chance to … Continue reading

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“Dude, you’ve been shot!”

Throw rocks at the windows of a house at 2:30 AM in Billings, Montana to wake up your “friend”, expect a volley of projectiles in return Billings Gazette The Anti Gun Rights Chicago Tribune is spinning this into a global … Continue reading

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This blog needs a new name

Not saying I will change it, but I think I may have finished Starting Over. One possibility is “The Hamster Wheel”. The Hamster doesn’t care he isn’t moving, as long as he has something to do to pass the time. … Continue reading

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