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“We appear to have had a launch vehicle failure”

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How people die in America This map describes causes of death that stand out as more common than you would expect compared to national averages. Most of them have a moderately obvious connection. If you live in Alaska, you’re more likely to die flying … Continue reading

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The Jackson “brothers”

You may have read that Hillary had a fundraiser for Jefferson Jackson day, a long standing day for Democrats. The comments plastered by the Drudgetards are beyond pathetic President Andrew Jackson is the Jackson being celebrated. Depending on your world … Continue reading

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More fruit from the Snowden tree

CISCO warns of back door built into equipment CISCO makes much of the equipment that runs and secures the Internet. Snowden’s leaks already disclosed that the NSA has complete access to CISCO gear, including the ability to install software modifications. … Continue reading

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It’s AARL Field Day An important responsibility of the American Radio Relay League is to preserve the spectrum set aside for Amateur radio operators (hams). One way they prove the value of their spectrum is to annually demonstrate that without relying on external … Continue reading

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In the 1970s, there was a guy working at the restaurant where I worked who “rode the bull riding circuit”. I’ll never be 10% of the man he was. It was messing up his back, though.

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Obamacare 2, Repeal & Replace 0

Let the hysterical conspiracy theories begin. I told you before the 2012 election that repealing Obamacare was a lie and impossible to do. Even if Republican win in 2016 and have 60 Senate votes, the roots will be way too … Continue reading

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WMEX-AM sells for $165,000

The temporary Boston home of Howie Carr and the station that turned down Rush Limbaugh four times has just been sold. The station was previously owned by Microsoft’s Paul Allen and was bought for around $10 million. Out in California, … Continue reading

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Is Bobby Jindal eligible to be President?

“No Person except a natural born Citizen,”… Here we go… As far as I can tell, neither of Bobby Jindal’s parents were US citizens at the time of his birth – he was born 6 months after his parents arrived … Continue reading

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The church shooting you didn’t hear about

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