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Psst… The TPP has nothing to do with China

Normally, comments at the New York Times reflect the education and knowledge of its readers. One comment after another thinks TPP is a trade deal with China. TPP Overview The countries President Obama will be playing golf at are: Australia, … Continue reading

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The future of News

One of my longstanding questions about the future is – once Matt Drudge has killed off all of conventional newspapers, how will people get their news with any assurance it will be “reliable”? Not shockingly, Google has the answer. YouTube … Continue reading

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Accordion is the new radio

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God says you can hunt wabbits on Sunday Just don’t do it during church hours or near a house or on public land or near Charlotte.

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Welcome to the “new”

Actually not much has changed. moved the server from Xen to KVM per my request. If you don’t know what that means, you don’t need to know. The DNS for the domain is currently provided by a company in … Continue reading

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Government “Licensing” of web sites

I’ve hinted in the past this is coming. It’s only one step away. At the request of law enforcement, ICANN is requiring domain registrars to verify the accuracy of the information contained in the “Whois” information about all web sites. … Continue reading

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If you’re tired of the worthless junk flooding politico, and any page Matt Drudge links to, here is the original treasure trove of crap on Google Groups First thing to know going in is this isn’t a place … Continue reading

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Ben Ferguson slips out the side, Clyde

Ben Ferguson is leaving WBAP-AM in Texas, where he has done a late morning talk show for three years. He also currently does a Sunday night self syndicated show that generally competes with Bill Cunningham. More than likely, he does … Continue reading

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The 13 million network radio listeners that vanished in one year The list of “networks” Shows the rapid change. These are Advertising Networks, which are not quite the same thing is programming networks. There are a handful of “urban” networks and then almost all the rest are either Premiere (iHeart … Continue reading

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