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$17,000 per Obamacare enrollee

One of the favorite mantras of socialists is that the profits earned by capitalist corporations is “waste” that doesn’t exist if government runs things itself. Hawaii is terminating its Obamacare exchange. Now that the Federal subsidies are winding down, … Continue reading

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Don’t bet your life on Lifelock

It always seemed odd to hear ads proclaiming that within a short period of signing up for Lifelock and turning over all your sensitive personal information to them, thieves started trying to steal your identity. Coincidence? If you listen carefully … Continue reading

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American History in 30 minutes

This has to be one of the strangest pieces of film I’ve ever seen To give a little context, this was sponsored by most of the railroads. It was held in 1948 along the Lake Michigan waterfront, roughly where … Continue reading

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Boston’s WRKO dumps Mark Levin Not content to push away Republicans by canceling Rush Limbaugh, Entercom has decided it can’t afford Cumulus Radio’s Mark Levin either. It does make some sense – there aren’t many Republicans in Massachusetts. Hold on a second – the … Continue reading

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Big Eddy not good enough for MSNBC

Former Progressive radio talker Ed Schultz left Westwood One’s liberal gabfest in May 2014 to devote his full effort to his show on MSNBC. He had relocated from North Dakota to Washington DC so he could kiss ass in person. … Continue reading

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Charlotte is in a Stage 1 drought

Lake Norman has a capacity of around 1 trillion gallons, enough to give Charlotte its normal water for 50 years if it stopped raining completely. Stop watering your lawn – you’re making Los Angeles mad! (This afternoon)

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Dirk Van gets to sleep in late now Dirk Van has been the host of First Light for a very long time. First Light and America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon are essentially the same show, but with different hosts and Pedigrees. First Light goes back … Continue reading

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Ride along on Charlotte’s first streetcar crash I’m thinking the $1.5 million operating budget loss just went up. Having a supervisor ride along to remind the driver how to drive will push the costs up. It’s good to know if I ride this thing that there … Continue reading

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Neil Young wants to bring back 8 track tapes I believe that makes it official.

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Cumulus swings the axe at Westwood One Cumulus has moved the old Westwood One 24 hour music formats to its own platform it uses to distribute Nash Country. Who needs to waste money on experts that have been doing a specific genre of music for 30 … Continue reading

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