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SRN Radio News is changing

Salem Radio is renaming the “Top of the hour” news service branded as SRN News.. It is being replaced by “News from” on News Talk Stations. Since Salem owns, this is mostly rebranding. The change has a lot … Continue reading

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Preview Mode is ready!

The process should be much more obvious now. There used to be several ways to get where you wanted to go. The most unobvious was here: The new editing / volunteering model is based on people being responsible for one … Continue reading

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Radio at a snail’s pace

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New testing platform taking shape

The new method of testing completely shields you from bad stuff unless you make a deliberate choice to be unprotected Let’s say you decided to be in charge of “Full Service” radio stations – stations (mostly AM) that don’t carry … Continue reading

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Did your local radio station start to suck this week?

A surprisingly large number of local radio stations still rely on syndicated music formats – that used to be provided by several competing companies. All of those competitors are now owned by Cumulus Media under the Westwood One branding. Those … Continue reading

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Tunein goes Premium

Tunein introduced a new paid subscription service. The main feature is 600 channels will be available without commercials, with carefully selected filler music covering the commercial breaks, along with Baseball. Tunein is a much bigger deal than SRGuide is … Continue reading

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This is what government meddling in the stock market looks like

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What a stock bubble looks like

No matter how great your economy, an 80% increase in value can’t be real. It is a lesson each generation has to learn again, as apparently greed is encoded in human DNA and overrides rational thought. As it started to … Continue reading

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Gasoline is about to get really cheap

The Bloomberg app is your friend: (There are 42 gallons in a barrel) The bad news is nobody will be able to afford it. Welcome to quantitative revenge. Some Chinese Bluegrass music might calm our nerves.

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Chinese Bluegrass

Radio is always looking for the next big thing – I think I just found it. 你怎么说“我要你尖叫像猪!”普通话?

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