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Translator Overhaul

FM translators have become really big business – because the rules are relaxed for non-commercial licensees, it is fairly easy for them to relocate a translator as long as it doesn’t interfere with an existing station. In a major market, … Continue reading

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Non-Commercial encroachment

This topic has been gaining momentum and became more visible when George Beasley started complaining about a new Low Power FM station in Tampa that sounds too much like a Commercial radio station, other than the lack of “formal” commercials. … Continue reading

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Why stations carry one hour of a syndicated show at 3 AM

This is one of those oddities of radio syndication, made more interesting by technology. Rush Limbaugh offers “exclusivity” to its affiliates. If your station signs with Rush, nobody in your market is allowed to carry the show – it might … Continue reading

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FCC computer systems held hostage!

The FCC’s computer systems will be down for almost a week – probably related to implementing the FCC’s move of their systems “to the cloud” in the Robert Byrd Confederate memorial data center in West Virginia. The systems will be … Continue reading

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What would you like to know?

The page to describe a radio station isn’t currently very interesting nor very visible in Google. I’m mostly asking for opinions of people who don’t work in radio and have no idea what HAAT means. So let’s say you arrived … Continue reading

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Zombie watch in Lakeland Florida

WWAB-AM slipped off the Internet – It’s an AM radio station in Lakeland Florida playing Gospel Music. The owner died earlier this year, but the story takes an unexpected twist. legacy of Richard Hughes Richard Hughes lived to age 87, … Continue reading

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I’m at the pearly gates of Candy Crush heaven

It’s been a long journey. They say life is about the journey, not the destination.

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Radio Inequality

If you take the population of a state and spread it equally among the active radio stations in a state, what does it show? First the disclaimers – the population is from 2000, the numbers I have readily available – … Continue reading

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Bob Wilson is dead

This isn’t breaking news. Bob Wilson died in 2008. If you ever heard of him, it was because he did a syndicated show promoting Country Gospel music. He bought a radio station in Texas in 2004. The radio station web … Continue reading

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Prostitution in Trump’s Casino? I’m shocked!

During its final days, the Security Director of Trump’s Taj Majal casino was indicted for promoting prostitution. The outcome Will “good Christians” really overlook that he made money from gambling, selling booze and permitting prostitution in his hotel? … Continue reading

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