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Make Radio Your Hobby – Chapter 1 is ready

Things are progressing well – the book has 43 pages in 12 chapters. Readers who have the uncontrollable urge to correct every mistake they see on the Internet need to keep their hands away from the reply button. Keep in … Continue reading

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Truly bizarre music

The time was 1941 – the United States was staying out of the war in Europe. At home, the NAB was waging war on ASCAP, creating BMI to wrestle away control of musicians so radio controlled what they were paid. … Continue reading

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What if Carlos Slim bought Cumulus?

Carlos Slim is one of the richest men in the world. He is a citizen of Mexico, a country that has worked hard to buy up control of US radio and TV stations for unknown(!) reasons. An FCC rule originally … Continue reading

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Welcome to Windows 10!

Not you, me. After letting others take the arrows (is that racist? Of course it is) – I decided it’s safer now to migrate to windows 10. As a moderately interested web host, I really should make sure visitors using … Continue reading

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ESPN to lay off 350 Weird – when people drop “bundled cable” where ESPN wants $6-8 a month, they have a cash flow crisis. They need to demand $15 a month – problem solved!

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The politics of the Caspian Sea

Headlines are starting to appear that Iranian warships are headed to Russian military bases! OMG! Stupid Obama! Nuke Iran! Nuke Russia! Kill Assad! Kill the people trying to kill Assad! Nuke the West Bank!… Errrr – hold the phone. The … Continue reading

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The death of the MP3 patents

If you ever wondered why MP3 streams are largely only used on non-profit stations, there is a reason. The most onorous patent was owned by a German company. They were not a “patent troll” – they actually did the research … Continue reading

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“Make Radio Your Hobby”

My father survived the Great Depression by working with his father, selling and repairing radios. By 1940, he had lost most of his vision to Retinitis Pigmentosa and spent a lot of time at the sheltered workshop for the blind, … Continue reading

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Radio Sales Math

Let’s pretend you own a business and I am a radio advertising salesman. You operate a business with a small gross profit margin – for every dollar in sales, the incremental costs of selling the product – raw materials, direct … Continue reading

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“Poll” improvements

Back before the 2008 election, I used PollDaddy briefly to add polls to the web site. After a couple weeks, I added an answer to a poll question that was mildly caustic – something like “because Obama is stupid” – … Continue reading

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