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Obamacare Update

My enrollment confirmation and temporary ID card has arrived from United Healthcare. That leaves the loose end that Blue Cross will automatically renew my policy for 2016 if I don’t tell them to not renew me. So this morning at … Continue reading

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It’s always about the oil

Contrary to many American’s perception, Syria has oil and natural gas fields. Before Barack Obama decided the Dictator Assad had to go, despite winning a three way election with 10 million votes, Syria was making deals to increase oil production, … Continue reading

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Geraldo declares war on Cumulus

Facebook Rant At least at the moment, his local show has not been removed from the WABC web site

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Why John McCain wants to declare war on ISIS

How War Affects the Formal Federal Budget Process There is no precedent for Congress making a formal declaration of war without first getting a request from the President. So why are some in Congress and some of the Presidential candidates … Continue reading

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What Happened to Mike Church? While this directory is mainly focused on Terrestrial Radio, Mike Church is well enough known from Sirius/XM that some people probably wonder where he went and why. His show moved to Internet Only after SiriusXM pulled the plug. I’m … Continue reading

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Republic Broadcasting

According to Wikipedia, KHFX-AM in Dallas / Fort Worth is carrying the Republic Broadcasting network. To say they are “right wing” is an understatement from the little bit I remember hearing them. John Stadtmiller is the guy behind the operation … Continue reading

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My Breakfast with Jack

Andre Is out of town, so I went ahead and had an early afternoon breakfast with my friend Jack, over in his Box. Jack is right next door to McDonalds, which serves breakfast all day, as long as a stale … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season to be fired from radio – ho ho ho

The post Thanksgiving format flipping is underway. The flurry of “Christmas music but no religion please” formats are under way. While some stations do this just because it sends ratings way up, many stations have a different purpose. Christmas music … Continue reading

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Why I’m a hermit

Well, part of the reason… Yesterday, it was time to invoke my official Senior status at the buffet place. Stephanie introduced herself as my attendent or whatever the appropriate term is. After loading up on chicken noodle soup, there was … Continue reading

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Password changes

If you changed your password on the web site (not the blog) in the past few months and nothing happened, it wasn’t your imagination. It should work now. This is not the “reset my password” option, just the simple “I … Continue reading

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