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Charlotte “black church burning” update

About the time of the Charleston mass murder, fires at “black” churches became the topic of the day for national news and Barack Obama. Someone in Charlotte apparently heard the message. Briar Creek Baptist Church had a fire. One of … Continue reading

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Scott Adams (Dilbert) predicts Trump will be President Don’t assume Dilbert’s daddy wants Trump to be President.

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China stock market down 5.49%

Thanksgiving can be a dangerous day for stocks. The 4th Thursday of November is a holiday only in the United States – the stock markets are open in the rest of the world. Operating without the liquidity of the big … Continue reading

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Coming to a country near you

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Welcome to the all new FCC web site!

With all of two week’s notice, the FCC is rolling out a completely new Obama Millenial-friendly (more pictures, fewer words) web site. Undoubtedly lots of stuff here will break.

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Changes at the BBC World Service

The BBC World Service (heard on many public radio stations) is a British government propaganda operation. Until 2010, it was funded directly by the Foreign Office, the equivalent of the US State department. The World Service is different than the … Continue reading

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Submit your factoids

Now that the factoids show up everywhere, at least one person wants to submit some. Give it a try. What you submit goes into rotation after it is approved. You can change items you submit, but that requires another review. … Continue reading

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Sumner Redstone promises to live forever 92 year old Sumner has controlling ownership of both Viacom and CBS (including CBS Radio). He has stopped attending conference calls with Wall Street analysts – this is viewed as an indication his health is failing. He has made … Continue reading

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The FCC has stepped in to solve a non-problem. As of today, there are 1,060 FM translators already retransmitting AM radio stations. The religious broadcasters seem more than willing to sell out Jesus for a few silver coins. Consider that … Continue reading

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Ow Ow Ow

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